7 Reasons Why Setting Daily Intentions Make You a Better Traveler

Last updated November 4, 2023

Daily intentions provide us with an opportunity to remind ourselves of what’s really important and what it is that we want to focus on that day.

Daily intentions can also be a source of inspiration and motivation, steering us in the right direction toward our life goals, however large or small they might be.

Your daily intentions might include drinking more water, committing to mediation for 10 minutes or even practicing gratitude through journaling. Daily intentions can be anything as long as they are positive and beneficial to you. 

Daily intentions are powerful enough to keep our energy flowing and our thoughts in check. Setting positive intentions can also help bring more positivity into our lives by allowing our brains to filter out negative thoughts and energy.

They make us more conscious and aware of our thoughts and actions throughout the day.

But what does setting daily intentions have to do with travel? How can setting daily intentions make you a better traveler? 

Why Daily Intentions Are a Game Changer

Here are seven reasons why practicing daily intentions in your everyday routine can make you a better traveler! 

1. They teach you how you like to travel

Setting daily intentions teaches you a lot about yourself—what we’re good at, what we’re not so good at and what we would like to actively work on. Through this daily practice and deeper knowledge of ourselves, we can start to uncover what we really love about travel as individuals.

We can learn how we like to travel, the type of trip we like to take and the situations we want to avoid. For example, through this practice, I realized that I naturally avoid any kind of confrontational situation.

This realization has helped me to avoid these kinds of circumstances when traveling and spare me from deep discomfort that they might bring. 

2. Daily intentions make you more intuitive and in harmony with your surroundings

It’s safe to say that one of the advantages of travel is that it allows you to break out of the ‘norm’ and surround ourselves with unfamiliar landscapes, cultures and experiences.

Daily intentions can actually help you to be more aware, conscious and humble about what we see, allowing for a deeper and more profound experience.

For example: Show kindness to at least three people. This encourages you to actively seek out human connections and situations where you can be kind and even help people in need, ultimately bringing positivity and happiness into your life and the lives of others. 

3. They help keep you grounded in the present moment

Daily intentions naturally bring your minds to the present moment, making you more mindful. This awareness of our intentions keeps you constantly in the present moment allowing you to fully be conscious of and appreciative of the now.

Travel is all about moments, moments which are sometimes all too fleeting. Wouldn’t it be nice to truly be present and make the most of the present moment? 

4. Daily intentions help you learn

Curiosity can ultimately be the driving force behind helping you learn new skills, try a new experience or understand a different culture. Not only can such an intention lead you to have more knowledge about a subject, you will be in a position to learn more about yourself too. 

5. They give your life and your travels direction/meaning

If you’re a digital nomad or long-term traveler then you’ll no doubt have experienced times when traveling has lost its appeal or it suddenly doesn’t have the same meaning. It happens.

Setting daily intentions can actually help with this. By actively setting intentions each morning you might be able to help get yourself out of that travel limbo and find a renewed interest and vigor for travel.

Gratitude in particular can really help with giving your travels new meaning. Make a list of all the things you’re thankful for or visualize yourself three, five or even 10 years ago and see how far you’ve come towards where you want to be.  

6. Daily intentions evolve you into a more confident traveler

Setting optimistic and loving intentions each day based on positive affirmations can really help you become stronger, more confident and less doubtful. These qualities are beneficial in our daily lives, and will also reflect in our travels.

You might discover yourself being a more confident traveler, less doubtful of yourself which can prove vital for travel. 

7. The lead to a positive attitude

Daily intentions should always be positive and focus on lifting you up. By manifesting these throughout the day we are automatically filled with more positive thoughts which leads to a positive attitude and outlook on life.

While traveling, having a positive attitude often attracts other positive people, good luck and happy memories. With a positive outlook on life your travel experience will be profoundly different from if you were to travel with a negative mindset. 

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