Profiled: Meet Intuitive Healer Fiona Arrigo

Last updated April 15, 2024

Now in her sixties, Fiona Arrigo—internationally acclaimed Intuitive healer, biodynamic psychotherapist, mentor and founder of the award-winning Arrigo Programme—has been on a journey of transformation since she was thirty. 

Having to relearn to walk and pretty much live again after two serious car accidents during her twenties, Arrigo has met some phenomenal teachers along the way and now shares what she has learned.

Fiona Arrigo excels in examining the narratives of our lives and helping people find their own path to happiness.

Drawing on her studies of ancient philosophies and teachings, as well her experience as a Biodynamic Medicine® Practitioner, Arrigo excels in examining the narratives of our lives and helping people find their own path to happiness—a journey that is ever more poignant today.

Her couples and womens’ retreats in Somerset (UK), Spain and India combine a soul-stirring blend of Eastern healing, shamanism and her own philosophical teachings, bringing clients on a deep experiential journey into the nature of their minds, so they can ultimately realize real peace, compassion and happiness.

Who Is Fiona Arrigo

In 2020, Arrigo reinvented the age-old tradition of women’s circles with her ongoing New Codes for Living virtual space, curated to honor the power of women coming together to share, educate and support as a united community. 

“These codes are the values upon which we build our lives,” Arrigo explains. “Trust, resilience, courage, self-awareness, grace, authenticity, beauty, discernment, loyalty, spaciousness—all this, and more, is in the cooking pot. I am in awe of the power and impact of these gatherings.”

While Fiona Arrigo has many gifts, her clients attest that it is her gift of insight and profound clarity that can be life-changing for those willing to allow change to happen. 

“I’m passionate about this philosophical inquiry into where we sit in the world and how we interrelate and I absolutely believe that the body is the healer for the mind,” she affirms. 

“There is a beauty in honoring and listening to your body and being that nourishes you at the core. As women, we need to foster and cultivate the depth of our female wisdom—aspects like the wise woman, the giver and nurturer. Our female wisdom is the healer, the inclusive one who can bind life in a very wise way.”

We need a whole new deck of cards. Let’s dare to dream, dare to hope and come together in our collective wisdom.

Fiona Arrigo

Arrigo believes that we have been clinging to what used to be for too long. And seeing that the scaffolding of the outer world is crumbling, we are in a new paradigm, one that is more interconnected than ever before. 

Ever-Evolving Wisdom

“We need a whole new deck of cards. We are in the most potent circle of life ever lived here on the great planet Earth. There is great magnificence all around us, so let’s dare to dream, dare to hope and come together in our collective wisdom.”

She has witnessed much resistance and fear from people as those things that were once so trustworthy in their lives are falling away. 

“We must look at our own patterns and ask ourselves what we really align to,” she clarifies. “One of the most important gifts life can bring is the gift of space: space to think, breathe, feel and grow—and space to find ourselves in the world as it tumbles and changes.” 

As Fiona Arrigo notes, “We are learning to walk lighter and as we do, we move into a way of being that is kinder. Of course, we have worked through wars, but this particular time in our humanity has never been tougher and we need to navigate with eyes and hearts wide open.”

Arrigo knows her job is to ask important questions and hold space for her growing community. In doing this, she calls on her “grandmother wisdom”—that voice of reason and understanding. 

“If I have a gift,” she reflects, “it’s very strong intuition—an almost immediate response to where a person is at. I hone it quickly. I can feel your being.” 

And this she does. 

This is our first profile in a series on healers, mentors and life teachers who are making waves in the wellness community. 

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