How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep While Glamping

Last updated August 5, 2022

Is it even possible to sleep comfortably in a tent? It is when you glamp it up. And here’s how with our top five tips for getting a good night’s sleep while glamping.  

For those with less experience sleeping in a tent, glamping can be an excellent entry point. 

But first, what is glamping? The word glamping is a portmanteau of “glamorous” and “camping” and describes a style of camping with services and amenities not usually associated with traditional camping. 

Enjoying nature and campfires while being able to retire to a luxurious tent and a comfortable bed is an attractive option. 

The word glamping is a portmanteau of “glamorous” and “camping.” 

Even in a large tent with a bed covered in pillows and thick comforters, getting a good night’s sleep while glamping might be difficult. 

Just like camping, sleeping well while glamping does take some work. Following these five tips will help you get a good night’s sleep while glamping—even when staying at a glampsite resort.

1. Bedding

bedding is important to get a good night's sleep while glamping

Many people struggle to sleep in a bed that is not their own and a little piece of home can make you feel more comfortable. Depending on where you go glamping and what is provided, think about bringing some familiar bedding items (hello compression packing cubes and/or bags) to help you sleep in a strange bed.  

If bringing your own bedding is not an option, then ‌inquire about the availability of extra blankets. Most glampsites will provide extra bedding if needed, though sometimes there may be an extra fee. Be sure to ask about this before arrival.

2. Regulate Temperature

regulate your temperature to get a good night's sleep while glamping at ranch tock creek glamping cabin
Spacious upscale glamping tent at The Ranch at Rock Creek

We usually do not sleep well when we are too hot or too cold. If you are in a glamping tent, it may get chillier at night than you are used to. The extra blanket could mean the difference between being too cold vs. comfy and warm. 

When glamping  during the  hot summer weather, make sure there is adequate airflow. Keeping air moving through your living space will help regulate the space where you are sleeping. If your glampsite offers electricity, be sure to ask whether there is a fan to help move the air. 

During winter, some upscale glampsites feature an indoor  furnace and/or fireplace.

Think about what you wear to bed as well in order to get a good night’s sleep while glamping. You may find that you are more comfortable wearing pajamas when sleeping outside. Or you could find that you actually want to wear less than you normally do.

3. Enjoy the Outdoors

glamping campsite on lake

There are many styles of glamping. Whether it be a shipping container turned into a tiny home, impressive glamorous treehouses, prospector tents on platforms or clear domes. These all have one thing in common. 

They are usually in beautiful natural environments. Glamping tents may be in gorgeous forests, on the edge of a calm lake or in the mountains. And these landscapes beg to be explored. 

REO Rafting, Glamping & Yoga Resort rafting adventure

Regardless of season, being active outside is a great way to get you ready for bed. Something about being outdoors tires you out. Your body works harder to perform than it does in the temperature-controlled environment of a gym. 

Take advantage of your surroundings. Explore the activities available. Fresh air, sunshine and physical exhaustion will make falling into a restful sleep super easy. 

Bonus points for the adventures you will have and stories you will tell.

4. Light and Noise

glamping in portugal

Whatever glampsite you choose to stay at, you will probably encounter “noise” you aren’t accustomed to. Strange and different sounds can make it just as hard to sleep as being in a strange place or bed.

For urbanites, the relative silence of a night on a lake can be strange. For others, the unfamiliar sounds of nighttime insects make it hard to sleep.

This is where earplugs come in handy. If you find it  too quiet, downloading white noise or listening to sleep sounds on your phone might help. 

Having a dark place to fall asleep is also important. Light has a tendency to keep many of us awake or prevent us from falling into a restful sleep. 

Away from the city lights, the moon can seem much bigger and brighter than we are used to. Packing a sleep mask to block out any light coming into your glamping tent often helps. 

Even the most luxurious, well-appointed glamping tents don’t always have blackout curtains. Blocking out unwanted light helps you get a good night’s  sleep while glamping.

5. Keep it Clean

get a good night's sleep while glamping at REO Rafting, Glamping & Yoga Resort
Garden deck at REO Rafting, Glamping & Yoga Resort

Most glampsites are located in “relative” nature. This means insects. Bugs such as  ants are attracted to food. 

Depending on what is included at  your glampsite, you may not have daily housekeeping or room service. So keep your living space clean. 

Storing food inside could invite unwanted guests. Try your best to eat meals outside and keep the inside clean. 

Final Thoughts

glamping in nature at night

Glamping, like traditional camping, is a great way to recharge in nature. Spending time enjoying the outdoors and getting away from the stresses of everyday life can be incredibly relaxing. 

Traditional camping isn’t for everyone and glamping is a nice option. It offers a balance between roughing it and luxury hotels and resorts. 

But if we don’t sleep well, it will put a damper on what could be a great experience. 

Following these few simple steps to help you get a good night’s sleep while glamping will make your getaway even more relaxing. You might not even want to leave.

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