4 Grounding Tips to Calm Your Nerves

Last updated January 24, 2024

Use these four grounding tips to calm anxiety and refocus on the present moment. 

Grounding, often used interchangeably with earthing, is a therapeutic technique revolving around the exchange of energy between the earth’s surface and the body.  

The sense of calm and weightlessness felt when sinking your toes in the sand or walking in the grass doesn’t occur without an explanation.

When you practice grounding, you are left feeling a sense of calm.  

This earth-to-skin electrical exchange is rooted in science, with much of the research finding positive results for those dealing with unfettered stress and nerves. Better yet, the process of grounding is an easy and natural anxiety-reducer.  

Read on to learn about the science of grounding and our top four grounding tips to calm your nerves. 

The Science of Grounding

Before we share our four grounding tips, let’s get into the science of why and how grounding works to combat nerves.

Earth has an electrically charged surface. Think of the ground as a battery and you as the charger. Direct contact between your skin and the ground results in a positive charge or energy transfer into the individual. 

No need to worry, though—there are no sparks or shocks to be aware of with this electrically-charged surface. 

When you practice grounding, you won’t physically feel the transfer of electrons. Instead, you may be left feeling a sense of calm and mentally energized.  

The Benefits of Grounding

Anxiety is pervasive. According to the National Alliance on Mental Health, nearly 20% of the U.S. population has an anxiety disorder.

Grounding is here to help.

The transfer of electrons from the ground into the body has shown to have positive effects related to cortisol secretion, inflammation reduction, normalizing sleep patterns and mood changes specific to anxiety and depression. 

The findings are promising, too. In a double-blind pilot project published by PubMed, the Brief Mood Introspection Scale, comprising four mood scales was used. Pleasant and positive moods statistically significantly improved among grounded participants.

Four Easy Grounding Tips to Ease Anxiety

Incorporating earthing techniques into your everyday life may be far easier than you’d think. For optimal benefits, it’s recommended to practice grounding daily. 

Although this may sound like a grand commitment, even incorporating 20-30 minutes into your routine will promote positive results. 

Let’s take a look at our four simple grounding tips.

1. Skip the Shoes

The easiest and most highly recommended way to practice grounding is by stepping outside and losing the shoes. 

You heard me right—ditch the socks and wiggle those toes in some dirt! And for those looking for something a bit more tame, bare feet on concrete will work just fine. 

Saunter along the sidewalk or frolic in a field of green. No matter the landscape you choose—sand, concrete or grass—our only recommendation is to watch where you step.

Try it out. Walk bare foot directly on the earth’s surface for optimal energy transfer. Expect an increase of calming chemicals to follow.

2. Lie Down

Not interested in traipsing around barefoot? No problem. Take a seat on the sidewalk or lie down in the grass instead. 

Although direct skin-to-earth contact may allow electrons to flow more freely, you’re bound to gain the positive effects of grounding by placing more of your body’s surface area closer to the earth.   

And if sprawling out isn’t your thing, you can reap the benefits of grounding by simply taking a seat and placing your bare feet on the earth.

Placing both hands on the ground in front of you or at your side—palm side down—is another great option. 

3. Dive Deep 

Next time you take a trip to the beach, be sure to take a dip. Sink your feet into the sea floor and float atop the ocean waves for peak grounding effects.

The ocean water is your best bet for successful grounding due to the high salt content. It’s the salty water that serves as an excellent conductor of electrons.

Now, if you’re limited by your options of body of water, opt for what you can. Lounging in freshwater lakes and rivers, although not as charged as the ocean, will still be sufficient for grounding.

Plus, the serenity of the ocean and its idyllic scenery is sure to ease the tension and take relaxation to the next level. 

4. Go Gardening

It’s time to dig into the dirt and get a little grimy. Gardening is a powerful way to ground because it forces you to get close to the earth.

Sunshine and outdoors have long been prescribed as supplemental remedies to ease anxiety; it plays an integral role in positive well-being. 

Digging through the dirt is no exceptions. Getting your hands dirty and becoming one with mother nature can have profound benefits thanks to grounding principles. This is because soil serves as an excellent source of electrons.

If the weather doesn’t call for spending time outdoors, or if gardening isn’t feasible for you, consider creating a small indoor garden on your windowsill. Even getting your hands in soil by repotting a plant you already have can be beneficial.

Early research on grounding shows significantly positive results on overall mood and mental health. 

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Get outside, get grounding and see for yourself just how much the earth can help nix the nerves and lead to a more stable, calm and positive mental well-being. 

Hope our four grounding tips help calm your nerves if or when you are feeling anxiety.

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