11 Frequent Flyer Must-Haves From the Vacayou Team

Last updated September 28, 2022

We rounded up 11 frequent flyer must-haves from the Vacayou team. What can’t you fly without?

Flying can be quite the adventure, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some amount of stress involved. From not knowing if you’ll get a seat next to an (awkward) stranger to having the unfortunate luck of losing your luggage, there is plenty of anxiety involved. 

Thankfully, we consulted Vacayou’s frequent flyers and asked them what their must-have carry-on items are. Here are some things we cannot board a flight without… because no matter how you feel about airplane travel, some creature comforts never hurt!

Our Frequent Flyer Must-Haves 

1. Noise Cancelling Headphones

frequent flyer must haves Beats headphones

I never travel without my Beats headphones! I will often hear songs, even years later, that evoke deep and powerful memories associated with a specific adventure because I had been listening to them while traveling. They’re also noise cancelling, which is great for reducing the ambient sounds of the airplane engines and the occasional upset baby.

Joe Hallinan, Lead Software Developer

2. Good Luck Charm

I always travel with my gold Celtic cross.

Muirgheal Montecalvo, Founder and CEO of Vacayou

3. Snacks + Hydration

Frequent flyer must haves Liquid IV

In case of an emergency, I always have snacks on hand! You never know when delays or mayhem will happen, so it’s better to be safe than hangry. Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier packets are frequent flyer must-haves for me as well and really help with dehydration and jet lag.

Taylor Haught, Content & SEO Lead

4. Phone, Passport, Wallet

My frequent flyer must-haves are a travel trifecta: phone, passport, wallet.

Stephen Galvin, VP International Sales

5. Yoga Mat + Yoga & Meditation Apps


I always travel with my yoga mat and yoga + meditation apps.

Shelly Nyqvist, Head of Editorial and Travel Coach

6. Carry-On Tote (full of goodies)

My three frequent flyer must-haves are: 

1) Cleansing wipes and facial hydration spray.

2) Snack bars and/or nut mix.

3) Carry-on tote bag with extra straps for easy schlepping and lots of great compartments with zippers.

Marilyn Bergh, Partner Success Manager 

7. A Good Book

frequent flyer must haves good book

Good noise cancelling headphones, lots of water and a good book are my frequent flyer must-haves.

Jamie Shaw, Frontend Developer

8. In-Case-of-Emergency Kit

I always pack my homemade travel kit—tissues, pain killers, Imodium, travel sickness pills, sanitizer wipes, heartburn tabs, battery pack + charger, spare undies.

Chris Brown, Chief Product Officer

9. Facial Mist

calm mist

“I always travel with my Essence of Vali Calm Relax Mist. It’s lovely to spray on to combat the dryness of the onboard air, it smells amazing and it really helps me feel calmed and centered as I’m sometimes a nervous flyer (yes, even though I travel all the time)!

Sallie Fraenkel, Vacayou Advisor and President at Mind Body Spirit Network

10. Neck Pillow & Eye Mask

Eye mask, earplugs, neck pillow, earphones, laptop—my frequent flyer must-haves.

Angela Rowe, Partner Success & Implementation Director

11. Eco-Friendly Water Bottle

frequent flyer must haves reusable quokka bottles

A big water bottle. Most airports now have vertical stream water stations which means you can save plastic, money and take more liquid on board!

Ben Jennings, Chief Operating Officer

There you have it, lovely readers—our 11 frequent flyer must-haves inspired by some of our favorite frequent flyers. You can rest assured your flight experience will be a little more cozy.

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