How to Disconnect from Work and Enjoy Your Wellness Vacation

Last updated May 19, 2022

Who doesn’t dream of the day you can actually disconnect from work and enjoy a wellness vacation? 

When you’re burned out from work, stressed out from family pressures and fed up with your daily routine, nothing beats stepping away from everything to recharge your batteries. 

But what happens if you can’t disconnect from work and enjoy your wellness vacation? 

Research conducted by the Journal of Happiness Studies shows that it could take a good week of vacation for the benefits of your wellness vacation to be fully felt.  

Seven to eight days seems relentless. Yet when you set the foundation beforehand, you “can” switch off and protect the time you set aside for a wellness vacation. 

A wellness vacation is the perfect antidote for healing and learning to stay in the present moment—replenishing your energy so that you return to work with your head in the game. 

So if  you’re having trouble keeping your mind off work,  we’ve got you covered. Apply these five strategies to disconnect from work and enjoy your wellness vacation.

Disconnect from work and enjoy your wellness vacation using these five tips

close-up of massage therapy on male customer at spa
Close-up of massage therapist applying pressure on man’s back at the spa.

Complete all work assignments

It’s a no-brainer that if you have unfinished assignments at work, your mind won’t let you relax. That nagging voice will keep reminding  you about the work that’s waiting once you come back.

Do your best to clear your work schedule. Doing this will help you keep your mind off of work-related issues  and remove any pressure you may be feeling.

Notify your colleagues

Imagine you’re having the time of your life—luxuriating in spa treatments, lounging by the pool, indulging in delicious food. You subconsciously peer at your phone and see loads of work-related emails. 

At first, you decide not to open them. Then, you take a peek just to see if it’s urgent. Before you know it, you’re answering emails and making phone calls when you should be pampering yourself instead.

To avoid this from happening, we suggest you:

  • announce your vacation in advance
  • notify your superiors
  • notify your colleagues and ask them to respect your time away
  • inform any clients that might try to reach you
  • come up with a clever out-of-office message

When you set boundaries in advance, colleagues and clients are more willing to respect your free time and leave you be. With no work-related emails or phone calls, there won’t be any reason to think about the office.

disconnect from work and enjoy your wellness vacation by unplugging

Stop checking-in

If you want colleagues and clients to let you enjoy your vacation, you shouldn’t give them any reason to reach out.

We’re not saying to commit to a digital detox but do your best to stay in the present moment rather than stay connected to the non-vacation you. The more you post and check-in, the more you’ll:

  • spend time checking your phone
  • spend time answering messages
  • learn about things back at work
  • disconnect from your vacation

Use this time to disconnect from work and enjoy your wellness vacation. Explore activities you don’t have the chance to with your 9-5.

Embrace nature

According to Yale Environment, nature benefits us in many ways and is a “have-to-have for physical health and cognitive function.” 

The more time you spend outdoors hiking, cycling, surfing or rafting, the less likely you’ll deal with work FOMO. You know, that feeling like you need to know what’s happening at work and what your colleagues are doing without you.

Nature also has a calming effect on our minds and helps us clear our heads. Try to  appreciate “being” in the moment. Watch the tide roll in or watch a waterfall cascade down a cliff. Find a soothing rhythm for your mind to release. 

friends surfing in costa rica

Get social

We are social creatures and often find comfort and satisfaction in the presence of others. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people helps to feed your mind and offer a diversion from work obligations.  

It’s easy to book a wellness vacation and pack your bags. But, it’s not that easy to fully enjoy it. Our modern lifestyle trains us to be available and stay on task—which is, unfortunately, work. 

So, when vacation time rolls around, many people struggle to enjoy it.

We hope our five strategies help  you understand how to  disconnect from work and enjoy your wellness vacation.  

Your body, mind, family and boss will thank you. 

About the author:Erica Sunarjo is a content writer and travel enthusiast. When she’s not working on new articles or as the editor of TrustMyPaper, she’s out there looking for new destinations to explore. She shares practical tips on traveling on a budget, preparing for new trips, and enjoying wellness and active travel.

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