First Look at Conrad Tulum Riviera Maya

Last updated September 6, 2023

Tulum is hot: literally, and figuratively. With beautiful white-sand beaches, turquoise waters, spectacular food and relative ease to get to, there’s no wonder this luxurious destination is worthy of its fame.

Luxury travel in Tulum is also making a name for itself. The latest addition to the spa and wellness scene, Conrad Tulum Riviera Maya, raises the bar for future luxury hotels that attempt to come after—and with a regenerative travel twist. 

Freshly opening in January 2022, Conrad Tulum is already booking out into the months to come. And, no wonder why. 

Tour Conrad Tulum with me in what I believe to be, the best spa and next hot spot in Tulum for high-end travelers. Here are some highlights to share.

Habitaciones (Rooms)

I walk into the room and my eyes are immediately drawn to the ocean view from the private balcony. What better way to wake up in the morning than to see those turquoise waters? Talk about Blue mind therapy

With 349 rooms, floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the sea, a black-noire bathroom decor complete with spicy leopard art print facing the double set of sinks, this is not the traditional Tulum guest room I have been accustomed to. The guest room at Conrad Tulum is pristine. 

I couldn’t help but find myself laying extra minutes in bed in the morning simply staring out at the ocean and hearing the waves—and draping my body on the chaise lounge over a cup of in-room coffee and a sample of the vegan cashew cheese the chef had prepared for me. 

Conrad Tulum is a paradise like a princess. 

La Comida (Food)

Mexico is known for its delicious foods, much fresher than I’ve found in the States, to compare. Yes, the water is filtered. So you don’t have to go all Charlotte York and bring any puddings to the resort. 

Sex and the City jokes aside, the variety of healthy options and superfoods available at the buffet at Arbolea was astounding with the chef and team open to accommodate to my more flexitarian palate. 

Hosting 11 different bars and restaurants, there’s a variety of tastes and international flavors to go around. My favorites to name and not to be missed: the main dining Arbolea morning buffet that runs from 7 am through 12 pm, and Ukai, the primo sustainable sushi restaurant open 6-11 pm. 


A combination of traditional Mayan ceremonies and jungle vibes combines eloquently with the high-end appeal that Conrad Tulum hosts. I was in awe walking into the main waiting area of the spa, featuring a set of stone warming beds on one side and soft beds on the other. 

Above, an open roof to mindfully gaze up at the passing clouds as I sipped on my hibiscus tea and refreshing light spa snacks. 

The individual cabanitas offer privacy from other spa guests. These truly took me away to my own world as I enjoyed a 60-minute deep tissue massage. I know, tough job. I succeeded. 

The main area of the spa has a full hydrotherapy circuit of sauna, steam, hot and cold plunge, with a giant-sized pool underneath a palapa. 

Yoga Room, Fitness Center & Pool

This gym put my gym at home in both Miami and Los Angeles to a test. It’s expansive and has a variety of equipment, a full spin studio, yoga room and classes to take part in. 

With outdoor classes for yoga and other activities, no doubt there will be an addition for a deck of some sort to workout closer to nature. 

The resort also boasts five pools—one for every weekday.

The Lobby

Palatial, majestic and one of the most Instagrammable places on the entire property, the view walking into the lobby of Conrad Tulum is enough to fill your phone storage with photos and videos to share and take back home. 

Upon the entry, there’s the left side for concierge services and the right for check-in and check-out. In the middle, giant-sized hand-woven ropes hang above cascading the lighting. The massive wooden doors open over the expansive pool in the center, and is where the platform, and the Instagram envy, are featured. 

At night, there’s a fire pit that lights up and which had me meditatively staring under the stars in pure relaxation. 

What’s Next (en El Futuro)

For any new hotel that’s opening, there’s usually more to come into the future. As additional offerings get added to the fitness and spa menu, stores and shops selectively fill the main area, a conference center gets added (hello, corporate retreat), I feel blessed to have been one of the first to experience Conrad Tulum Riviera Maya

It won’t stay this quiet for long. And I look forward to returning soon to see its massive successes that are inevitable.  

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