In Search of Montana Adventure at Sage Lodge

Last updated October 17, 2023

My stay at Sage Lodge was a memorable one, filled with time outdoors, scenic mountains in the distance, relaxing spas and exquisite dining.

Located in Paradise Valley, Montana, this luxury resort is known for its outdoor amenities and 35-minutes distance from Yellowstone National Park.

Appropriately named, Paradise Valley is home to a host of celebrities, including John Mayer, Jeff Bridges and more.

Snuggled between the Gallatin Mountain Range to the west and the Absaroka Mountain Range to the east, there is a stunning river valley through which the Yellowstone River flows. 

My boyfriend Bruce and I were looking forward to our stay at Sage Lodge. And although we had landed in Bozeman a couple of days earlier, we had yet to enjoy the authentic Western lodge experience Montana promised.

We were pleasantly surprised and knew that we were going to have a great experience at the luxurious Sage Lodge in Montana.

The Lodge

When we finally strolled into Sage Lodge’s massive lobby with its wood-beamed vaulted ceiling, immense picture windows showcasing the mountains beyond and a giant stone fireplace, we felt immediately at home. 

After settling into our room—a Lodge Deluxe King room—which featured a gas fireplace, a walk-in shower and a patio, we didn’t waste any time. We set out to explore some parts of the property, like the Ranch Houses, which are ideal for families and larger groups.

Sage Lodge is full of amenities. Later that evening, I took advantage of the complimentary washer and dryer found down the hall from our room and did a quick load of laundry. I can’t help but think how much easier it would be to pack if every hotel offered such an amenity. 

The Spa at Sage Lodge

Our first stop was a visit to the spa. We enjoyed a leisurely soak in the outdoor hot tub and were mesmerized by the epic views of Emigrant Peak. There, Bruce and I parted ways, and I headed inside for a soothing massage.

Meant to help relax, restore and rejuvenate, the Spa at Sage Lodge focused on herbal fusions. The massage helped us set the mood for the rest of our trip—including our journey to Yellowstone National Park.

The Spa at Sage Lodge included facilities such as the sauna, steam room. Focused on fostering a tranquil environment, all facilities are silent. I recommend you check out the holiday specials for couples.

Evening Enjoyment: Dining & Peaceful Rest

We dined in The Fireside Room, where all the food was from Montana-inspired dishes. Being the carb-loving meat-eater that I am, I couldn’t resist the Bison Bolognese. Bruce, my seafood-craving polar opposite, devoured the Fireside Trout. 

Sated and satisfied, we decided to walk off dinner with a lazy stroll around the property. It wasn’t long before we were both ready to hit the hay. 

As New Yorkers, sleeping with the windows open is rarely an option unless you want to be awakened by the sounds of the city. 

Fortunately, we had finally escaped Manhattan’s noise, light, and air pollution. Wanting to enjoy the fresh air and sounds of nature, we threw open the patio doors (thankfully the screens kept the bugs at bay) and slept soundly amid a cool mountain breeze.

Quality Time Outdoors at Sage Lodge

The next day, we were up early to try our luck at fly fishing. Although the plan was for us to practice the basics on the property’s on-site casting pond, located right outside the lodge, Bruce balked at the idea of fishing in a stocked pond. 

So, instead, our guide took us to Yellowstone River. We spent the remainder of the morning wading through the cool sparkling water and casting our lines in the hopes of catching a bite or two.

While neither of us caught anything, it was a relaxing and mindful way to spend the better part of a day. 

After grabbing a quick bite to eat, we were off again to explore the valley. We ended up visiting Chico Hot Springs for its two open-air national mineral pools, allowing us to detox. Then Bruce suggested we check out the Old Saloon, which is known for its live music, food and booze. 

Yellowstone River Excursion

A highlight of our stay at Sage Lodge was the two-hour luxury scenic float down the Yellowstone River at dusk in a limited-edition custom wooden dory. The private luxury tour began five miles upstream from the lodge, where we were greeted by our guide. 

We then boarded the custom-made boat and settled in for a soothing float while enjoying a cheese plate and a glass of wine or other choice of beverage. 

When not awed by the untamed scenery, we peppered our local guide with questions about the valley’s history and famous residents.

Departure and Final Thoughts of Sage Lodge

Reluctant to leave, we packed up our belongings and prepared to head out the next morning. Earlier in the day, I realized I had misplaced my reusable water bottle, which I had become quite attached to over the course of our trip. 

I inquired about it several times at the front desk, thinking I might have left it in the lobby at some point, as there was a beverage dispenser there full of refreshing water. Upon checkout, I asked once again, hoping it had turned up. 

The bellboy, who had helped us throughout our trip, offered to run back to our room for one last look. I was sure it wasn’t there, so I thanked him and bid him and the front desk staff farewell. 

Bruce and I had just finished packing up the car, when he ran out to the parking lot and gifted me with a Yeti water bottle. It wasn’t my lost water bottle, but he wanted me to have it just the same, so I wouldn’t be without one for the rest of the trip. 

It was representative of the thoughtful and generous gestures the staff made throughout our stay, which made our visit such a memorable one.

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