10 Complimentary Experiences at Miraval Austin

Last updated November 13, 2023

Renowned for its extensive wellness programming, Miraval Austin Resort & Spa serves as a well-being playground for all to explore.

Staffed with healers, masters and other pioneers in their respective fields, the captivating destination spa at Miraval Austin is built to help you de-stress, overcome unhealthy habits, sleep soundly and invite a transformational change in your life.

Ten On-the-House Experiences at Miraval Austin

The biggest challenge is in finding enough hours in the day to fit everything in during your stay at Miraval. Here are 10 unique on-the-house experiences you’ll want to check out during your stay at Miraval Austin: 

1. Harmonic Yin Yoga at Miraval Austin

If you want to take your yoga to the next level, this sound healing experience will do just that.

Harmonic Yin Yoga encourages deep relaxation with each change in pose.

With the provided props, you’ll fully release into each posture as the vibrations of Himalayan singing bowls tap into alpha and theta brain waves, which are associated with a deep meditative state. 

2. Tex Zen Yoga

Looking to spice up your practice with some local tunes?

Tex Zen Yoga puts a playful spin on yoga by pairing it with an ever-evolving Texas-inspired playlist.

Influenced by Willie Nelson’s laidback nature, this yoga session will help you find your groove in Hill Country.  

3. Qoya at Miraval Austin

Get ready to shed your inhibitions with this unconventional experience. Qoya is based on the notion that motion and memory are connected.

Feel your stress being relieved with every moment, starting with breathwork and intention-setting. 

Set to music, it evolves into an expression of individuality, as you move and dance around the room, providing a freeing space for all. 

4. Hill Country Challenge Course 

No trip to Miraval Austin is complete without tackling a series of obstacles on the state-of-the-art challenge course.

This course, designed in partnership with Outward Bound Professional, will test your physical strength and push you to conquer your fears.

As you traverse a rope-climbing wall, a tightrope walk and a zipline, feel the rush of energy and exhilaration through your body.

Fortunately, you don’t need to go it alone as a trained guide will lead the way, helping you to set goals and finish the course. 

5. Mindful Grocery Shopping: What Are You Really Buying 

It shouldn’t be so hard to make healthy choices.

Understanding labels, such as all-natural, cage-free, low-fat and more, can make your trip to the grocery store more effective.

This class challenges your knowledge of food labels and the nutritional values of common food items.

During the course, you’ll discover which processed foods are harmless and which ones you’ll want to avoid. 

6. Crystal Meditation at Miraval Austin

Crystals and stones have long been thought to possess healing powers.

During this relaxing meditation, you can tap into their vibrational energy by selecting a crystal that “speaks” to you.

Crystals are used to reinforce your intention and deepen your insights.

This is a powerful practice you don’t want to miss out on during your stay at Miraval Austin.

7. Decoding Desires

It’s not always easy to know what you want. In fact, sometimes it’s easier to know what you don’t want.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stuck in a rut, this class will show you your way by helping you identify your true desires.

Discover what mala, affirmation and yoga pose you need to feel how you want and avoid paths that aren’t meant for you.

8. Manifestation Meditation at Miraval Austin

With the New Year comes an opportunity to set positive intentions for the future.

This meditation gives you an opportunity to explore the power of attraction with the goal of figuring out what you need in this new year.

Whether this is financial freedom, a more fulfilling job or a healthier relationship, this guided meditation will set straight your path and turn your intentions into a reality.

Start your journey to setting more positive intentions moving forward with guided visualization, meditation and journaling at Miraval Austin.

9. Life, Loss & Letting Go 

The past few years have been filled with loss and uncertainty.

In this transformative session, a wellness counselor will share how to navigate challenging times and deal with the unpredictable changes and transitions that occur throughout life.

Throughout this session, you’ll learn what practices you need to get through tough times and come out stronger in the end.

10. Digital Mindfulness at Miraval Austin

Although it may seem impossible to get off our electronics these days, this session with wellness expert David Preslar reveals how you can be more mindful when using your devices.

He’ll provide steps and strategies for reshaping your relationship with social media.

Reduce the endless hours scrolling on your phone and learn how to be more productive and aware of your digital usage with those around you.

Take a journey to relaxation with these complimentary experiences at Miraval Austin. There’s no better way to jumpstart the year than by focusing on your well-being and health.  

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