Best Farm-to-Table Restaurants in Los Cabos

Last updated April 4, 2024

If you’re in search of some of the freshest food Mexico can offer, you’re in a good place. While “farm-to-table” may not be the first thought that comes to mind when you think of Cabo, Baja Sur has far evolved from being a spring break destination to a well-rounded wellness destination. 

On a recent trip to Los Cabos, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of farm-to-table and sustainably sourced restaurants that had opened since my last visit four to five years prior.

Positive changes are happening on the culinary scene, and we’re sharing some of the delectable ones in this piece. 

Resurgence of Farm-to-Table in Baja Sur

“Sometimes, it is difficult to understand how this rocky desert destination that enjoys 300 days of sunshine a year, but little rain, can have such successful farmland,” says Chef Helene Henderson of Malibu Farms at Nobu Hotel Los Cabos.

“However, the mixture of mineral-rich soil and irrigation allows farms and orchards to thrive and produce abundant crops.”

Here are our top picks for farm-to-table restaurants to eat at in Los Cabos. 

1. El Huerto

El Huerto is one of Los Cabo’s newest additions to its list of impressive farm-to-table dining options.

A mere ten minutes from the downtown Los Cabos scene, their motto is simple, organic and healthy, sustainable food.

With generous portions, nutrient-rich and flavorful fresh foods, organic mixology and variety to meet all dietary desires, El Huerto is open for breakfast and dinner.

Pro tip: arrive early or spare time after your meal to walk the shops and merchants neighboring the restaurant.

2. Acre

Not too far from El Huerto, Acre is a massive 25-acre (no pun intended) playground of eventful food, gatherings, community and treehouses. Well, one treehouse, to be exact.

In addition to their farm-to-table restaurant, Acre has an on-site Treehouse Hotel. Guests can “sleepover among the palms” in this lush sanctuary in the foothills of San Jose del Cabo.

Created and developed by two Canadians who went for a short getaway, and fell in love with the land of Los Cabos, Acre continues to expand for events, orchards, villas and more coming soon.

While you’re there, try out their signature “Acre Mezcal”—Salud! 

3. Malibu Farm

If you’re not looking to leave your resort property, or if you’re staying somewhere else and want a taste of five-star class, Malibu Farm at Nobu Los Cabos perfectly combines freshness, luxury, minimalism and taste to sample and delight.

Grown in their “Yakosuku” (chef’s garden), there are around 60 herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables and more encompassing the flavors of the Pacific Ocean.

Chef Helene Henderson’s signature dishes are ”the distinctive avocado pizza and ABC tacos [that] never disappear from the menu.” The restaurant’s entrées and side dishes do change on the regular—according with the seasonal crops.

4. Flora Farms

Slightly north, about 40 minutes outside of San Jose del Cabo, Flora Farms is a 150-acre property that is lush, expansive and serene.

Not new to the scene, they’ve been around for about 20 years, but are slowly adding to their property. They now offer exclusive cottages, a spa and a private beach club in addition to their signature restaurant.

Interesting fact: the original Flora Restaurant was located in the town of San Jose del Cabo. But, after five years, the owner decided to bring the restaurant to the farm, instead of the other way around, serving what was grown, raised and served right there on property. 

5. Los Tamarindos

Formerly a sugarcane factory, Los Tamarindos is an organic farm and restaurant only a mile away from the Sea of Cortez.

Located in a 19th-century farmhouse, you can eat, stay and (learn) play all in one.

Featuring cooking classes, bungalows among the fields and a restaurant selecting off the seasonal foods from their 17-acre farmland, Los Tamarindos also provides food for other local restaurants in the area. Available for private events.

With the growing number of climate change concerns, it’s refreshing to see that another vacation destination such as Los Cabos is putting an effort toward offering more farm-to-table options for travelers.

And, if that roundup doesn’t make you hungry, I’m not sure what will.

Nos vamos a Los Cabos! Yo tengo hambre. 

Where else have you seen in your travels a surge in farm-to-table restaurants? We’re always curious to hear of new places to feature and check out. 

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