Benefits of Skiing and Why You Should Hit the Slopes Today

Last updated May 30, 2024

How often do you tell yourself, “I’ll get to that later?” Probably more often than you’d like to admit. And that’s okay. Quick confession: we’re guilty of procrastination, too.

A recent study discovered that most adults begin to lose their drive at the age of 54. This means that as we get older, it becomes much harder to motivate ourselves to get off the couch and try new things. That makes it even more important to get outdoors as we age.

Have you ever wondered how snowbirds manage during nine out of the twelve months of the year? There’s more to living in a cold climate than staying indoors. Breathing in the mountain air, hitting the slopes and feeling the fresh, cold, powdery snow can significantly benefit your overall health—much more than sitting inside with a space heater.

Skiing offers benefits for all ages and skill levels. Spending a day outdoors trekking across snow-covered terrain is a day well-spent. Below, we highlight four benefits of skiing that can enhance your everyday life and keep your mind and body in check.

So gear up and strap on those snow boots. It’s time to hit the slopes. The tundra awaits!

Benefits of Skiing #1: Balance and Staying Active 

There’s no age at which mastering balance becomes a requirement, but its importance certainly increases as we grow older. We tend to get shorter (or “shrink,” as your parents might say) with age, making a strong sense of balance more critical than ever.

Walking your 75-pound golden retriever already demands a lot of attention. Now, imagine walking your mighty floofer on sheer ice. One squirrel, and you’re flat on your back. You’d be lucky to escape with just a bruise.

One of the benefits of skiing is that it greatly enhances your balance and coordination. It makes sense since staying on your feet is crucial in this sport. Whether you’re skiing downhill or cross-country, maintaining your balance is a workout in itself.

Skiing is excellent exercise and a powerful workout centered around balance. Gliding down the slopes and trekking through miles of snow and ice naturally strengthens your knees, bones, joints and core. If you don’t have a strong sense of balance, you certainly will after a day on the slopes!

Benefits of Skiing #2: Sleep Well

How many of us miss out on a full eight hours of sleep? It seems that as life progresses, our sleep schedules become chaotic. The only ones who seem to stick to a strict sleep routine are kids. And even they struggle with it at times.

There are countless reasons people of all ages don’t get enough sleep: studying for the ACT in high school, working late shifts, going to a drive-in movie, finishing graduate school, dealing with jet lag or parenting. Maintaining a sleep schedule requires self-discipline.

However, having a sleep schedule doesn’t guarantee that sleep will come as soon as your head hits the pillow. Pent-up energy is another reason many people struggle to fall asleep.

A full-body workout from skiing can leave you feeling wonderfully exhausted. Any excess energy will be drained in the best possible way. After a long day on the slopes, you’ll crave relaxation. You’ll be too tired to entertain the thoughts that usually keep you up at night. After a hot shower, a meal and an episode of your favorite TV show, you’ll be ready to turn off the lights and fall asleep quickly.

Skiing is an excellent way to catch more Zs while staying active and energized. It helps wear you out in a healthy way.

We are huge advocates for a good night’s sleep. Check out our wellness guide for tips on achieving better sleep.

Benefits of Skiing #3: Mental Health 

It’s no surprise that regular exercise keeps your body healthy. But it also keeps your mind balanced. Studies show that being active and exercising can significantly lower levels of anxiety and depression. Now you understand why Michael Phelps was so eager to get return to the pool.

To improve overall mental health, consider taking up sports like skiing. Skiing, along with other outdoor activities, provides your body with much-needed vitamin D. It may seem counterintuitive, given the bulky clothing that covers you from head to toe, but UV rays still penetrate ski attire, allowing your skin to produce vitamin D (which is known to regulate mood and reduce depression).

So, don’t dismiss skiing due to indirect sunlight exposure. In fact, you might want to apply sunscreen before layering up in your ski gear.

Your environment plays a crucial role in your mental health and overall well-being. You might underestimate how much your home and surroundings affect your mood. Where you live can significantly influence how you feel, for better or worse.

The crisp mountain air and fluffy white snow offer a sanctuary for mental health. Gliding down the slopes, breathing in the fresh outdoor air and chatting with the person next to you on the ski lift all promote happiness. Skiing provides your body with the best tools to maintain your mental health.

Benefits of Skiing #4: Community 

Lastly, taking up an activity like skiing can help foster a sense of community. Community is vital for our need to socialize, as humans are inherently social creatures. Group exercise, conversations and interactions are immensely beneficial for both body and mind. Building a community of like-minded individuals isn’t just good for you; it’s essential.

Getting outdoors and trying something new can be intimidating. No one said it wasn’t. You might be thinking, “Getting outdoors is intimidating? What about getting out of bed?” That, too, can be more challenging than most people like to admit.

Deciding that “today is the day!” will undoubtedly bring an anxious rush of adrenaline, but it will also open the door to something fresh and exciting. Whether you’re a beginner or a national team member, skiing can evoke a range of emotions. However, it also brings people together. Spending the day in a snow-covered wonderland creates a lasting impact on you and those around you.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start your next snowy adventure today. Which mountain will you glide down next?

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