5 Best Hikes in Mexico for the Active Traveler

Last updated June 14, 2024

Mexico offers all types of active adventures. Beaches, jungles, mountains, vibrant cultures, ancient sites, modern cities, nightlife and more—Mexico offers it all.

There are plenty of wellness opportunities in Mexico for the active traveler. Travelers who love to hike should visit Mexico. Here trekkers will find plenty of places to be outdoors enjoying nature. There is an endless supply of all-inclusive resorts. All-inclusive resorts are perfect for the vacationer who loves to lounge by the pool. If you are a person who loves parks and entertainment, there are several aquatic theme parks. 

Five Best Hikes in Mexico

Mexico offers many destinations for wellness vacations and hiking. Whether it is a single day or multiple-night adventure, these are five of the best hikes in Mexico to put on your bucket list.

1. Copper Canyon of Chihuahua

Most travelers take the train through Copper Canyon. The train offers incredible views. The window seat is ideal! Other travelers stop to experience the Copper Canyon up-close and hands-on.

Whether you are a sightseeing traveler or a thrill-seeking traveler, there are plenty of things to do in Copper Canyon. Once in town you can find additional adventures and wellness offerings. 

One of the best hikes in Mexico is located here. Hike from the stop at the Pueblo Magico (magic town) of Creel to Basaseachic Falls.

Basaseachic Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in Mexico. Visitors can get deep inside the canyons by way of the Basaseachic Falls. Once inside, they can explore one of Mexico’s largest National Parks!

Let’s put it into scale. Mexico’s Copper Canyons are four times the size of the United States’ Grand Canyon! 

2. Los Cabos or La Paz

Los Cabos and La Paz are located on the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula. These two destinations offer idyllic beach holidays and the opportunity to experience the “aquarium of the world.” But wait! That’s not all.

Some of the clearest, most vivid sky hikes are implanted within the neighboring Sierra de la Laguna Biosphere Reserve. The Sierra de la Laguna Biosphere Reserve is one of the best hikes in Mexico. Especially for those who love the natural outdoors.

Add this to your itinerary!

In less than two hours you will get up into protected land. Local Mexican rancheros open up their homes as stops on the hikes. Stops range from one to multiple days. You won’t find hospitality like this just anywhere!

Baja-based sustainable glamping options can improve your experience. The views of the constellations in the night rival the daytime mountain landscape. Day or night, Mexico is a beautiful adventure for the active traveler. 

3. Oaxaca City

A trip to Oaxaca City is a must. This city is a UNESCO world heritage site. It is also one of Mexico’s culinary capitals. What’s the first thing everyone wants after a hike? A buffet! In this town of foodies, you can be assured of a great meal that will satiate your post-hike hunger. Definitely an experience you do not want to miss!

In this colonial city, visitors can take a perfect day trip to hike the Sierra Norte. More ambitious visitors may spend multiple days hiking through the sustainable, eco-friendly pueblos. These cultural icons are known as the Pueblos Mancomunados (commonwealth of villages). 

There is more to this region’s breathtaking views. Explore the cloud forests, villages, historic homes, restaurants, and churches. There is so much to learn and experience through Oaxaca’s indigenous culture.

Oaxaca offers opportunities to discover the Zapoteca lifestyle. Enjoy a temazcal—a guided spiritual steam. Afterwards you can spend time learning about multiple medicinal plants. Don’t try to put any in your suitcase though! Plants don’t do well airborne in dark suitcases.

And when you return, mezcal awaits. The local agave-based spirit is revered by Zapotecans. A drink known for its perfectly balanced flavors, a mezcal is just what you need to wind down. Call over the bartender and ask for a mezcal. He’ll be happy to serve you some of Oaxaca’s culture.

4. Chiapas 

The jungles of Chiapas offer visitors incredible beauty and native riches. Here’s the perfect chance to get off the grid. Take an excursion to the natural, largely untouched world. Void of civilization, it is a tropical paradise. Full of lush plants, tropical greenery, wildlife and tranquility. 

The features of Chiapas’ jungles don’t stop with the tropical aesthetic. Many locations within the state are known to be “birder” paradises. Whether or not you enjoy bird watching, seeing these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat is something you do not want to miss.

Chiapas is complete with both migrating birds (in the dry months) and endemic species all year round. It doesn’t matter what time of year you have your vacation booked. The birds await!

To see plenty of “bucket list” birds, take one of the many day hikes offered in Chiapas. Or get a full-on experience and opt for a multiple day camping trip. This way you can conquer a different birding hike each day!

5. San Juan Teotihuacan

Adjacent to Mexico City lies an ancient Aztec site. Visitors can take an excursion away from the luxuries the capital offers to visit the ancient Teotihuacan.

Teotihuacan remains a mystery. The Teotihuacan takes its name from the local Nahuatl language. It means “land of the gods.” 

Located at seven thousand feet above sea level, the Teotihuacan stands. It is great for hikers and tourists alike. Both the pyramid of the sun and pyramid of the moon are accessible to climb. A visit here can certainly be considered one of the best hikes in Mexico!

Visitors will get more than their fair share of steps in. So make sure to pack your FitBit! Track your exercise while learning about this mysterious ancient culture. Return to the city for a chance to get some guilt-free tacos. After hiking up the land of the gods, you deserve a well-earned Mexican delicacy!

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