Well Q&A: Discovering Mirbeau Rhinebeck

Last updated November 13, 2023

Prior to COVID, travel was often defined for me by going to a faraway place… not somewhere a mere 90-minutes drive from home. I’ve opened my eyes to exploring what’s close by and have been pleasantly surprised. My recent visit to Mirbeau Rhinebeck was one such discovery. 

I enjoyed my 24-hour stay – a lovely blend of relaxation and indulgence with a Monet’s Favorite Fragrance 100-minute Signature Massage (yes, I wore a mask and so did the therapist), “Appy Hour” (a blend of Happy Hour with appetizers), outdoor yoga and a wonderful night’s sleep in the very comfy bed. 

Read on to learn more about Mirbeau and perhaps it will help you see the joy of discovering wellness travel getaways close to your home!

Sallie: As a very experienced Spa Director, what do you consider most important in running a spa?

Pamela: Listening and engaging with staff. Staff are constantly interacting with guests and have first-hand experience to provide valuable feedback. Questions like these drive us: “Does this new procedure works? If not, what is challenging about it? What could make it better? Do guests like this new service? What do you consistently observe in the spa? “

Spa operations never has a dull moment or a lazy day. Engaging with staff creates opportunity for recognition and promotes a positive, caring work culture. Eventually, guests will see their experiences
through our staff’s excellence. Running a spa takes a large team of people working together being respectful, diligent, and inspired!

S: Mirbeau’s philosophy is “Life. Classically Balanced.” Can you tell us what that means and how it shows up both in the spa, the cuisine and the guest rooms?

P: Now more than ever, we are feeling the stress of everyday life and are in need of a sanctuary that is relaxing and safe. “Life. Classically Balanced.” is our interpretation of classic pleasures that balance wellness and indulgence. In the spa, our amenities and spa services truly allow a guest to breathe in relaxation.

Our dining room is always a setting for guests to experience our thoughtfully prepared dishes that can range from our timeless Mirbeau Burger and Fries to a truly fine dining experience.

Our overnight rooms transport you to a European getaway that is restful, yet inspiring, and still close to home. Above all our staff are focused on ensuring that visitors feel welcome and cared for anywhere on our property.
Woman ordering room service at Mirbeau Rhinebeck

S: When you have free time, what do you do to keep yourself balanced?

P: Go to the spa! I always love visiting spas and can’t help myself.

When I can’t go to the spa, you can find me at home (probably in a robe and with a face mask on) or out enjoying nature with my family.

S: People always ask me what treatments are best at a particular spa. What is your answer to that for Mirbeau?

P: I am asked this a lot and it is difficult to have a universal answer. Spa services should truly be catered to a person’s present needs.

As an esthetician, I have a soft spot for our facial treatments. We have a wide variety that can suit anyone’s concerns. Our Kur Body Treatments are also blissful as well as our Monet’s Favorite Fragrance Massage.Facial at Mirbeau Rhinebeck

S: For an “active wellness” guest, what would you suggest they do in the area? Are there any particular hikes you might suggest?

P: The Hudson Valley is filled with a bounty of outdoor activities. Our property is located near the Catskills with a wealth of surreal hikes as well as close to historic sites that offer beautiful views and walks.

Poet’s Walk, Montgomery Place, and Mills Mansion are some favorite sites that are go-to’s for my family.

S: How does Mirbeau Rhinebeck differ from the original Mirbeau in Skaneateles, NY or the one in Plymouth, MA?

P: Our locations resemble siblings. There are many consistent characteristics that are quintessentially Mirbeau but do have slightly different personalities.

In addition to our chic Parisian design, our unique location truly sets us apart. We are nestled in the charming village of Rhinebeck that offers a vibrant Main Street and is so close to the scenic outdoors.

Between our proximity to these Hudson Valley features and on-site amenities such as our Resting Area, Aqua Terrace with thermal pool, eucalyptus-infused steam room, and Himalayan salt saunas… inspiration is just a couple of steps away.
Bedroom view at Mirbeau Rhinebeck

S: What helps you maintain your wellbeing? Any favorite tips?

P: Eliminate the phrase “I don’t have time to…” Make the time to accomplish your goals.

I often prioritize responsibilities in and out of work to make sure I don’t miss the important things in life. Once you start this change, you can surprise yourself with what you can achieve.

About Pamela Maes

A headshot of Pamela Maes - Mirbeau Rhinebeck Well Q&A

Ever since picking up her first spa industry magazine, she realized that the spa industry was her calling. She wanted to grow and thrive within it. She began her spa career as an esthetician and has worked in all settings ranging from salon and day spa to retail and medical settings.

Pamela loves learning about the new technology emerging alongside ancient traditions in spa services. She says this industry never stops evolving! She joined the Mirbeau Family nearly 8 years ago and is grateful to be a part of team of people that are equally dedicated to creating memorable guest experiences and responding to the evolving needs of our guests.

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