Branching Out: Play & Stay at These 9 Tree House Hotels 

Stay and play at these nine luxurious tree house hotels — where breathtaking views place you front row center with nature.

Imagine waking up to the rustle of leaves and a symphony of birds, while perched high above the ground in a secluded haven. 

Tree house hotels provide a distinctive experience, combining adventure and serenity, intimately immersing guests in nature. These enchanting treetop accommodations are not just for the young at heart. They’re for anyone seeking a break from the mundane and looking for a retreat that blends comfort with the thrill of the outdoors. 

From the towering pines of Montana to the rainforests of Indonesia, these spectacular tree house hotels promise an unforgettable escape. Here’s our nine favorites.

Nine Dreamy Tree House Hotels to Elevate Your Stay

Are you ready to elevate your travel experience (pun intended)? Then join us as we explore the nine best tree house hotels around the world.

1. The Green O — Montana

For adults looking for a tranquil getaway, The Green O is a hidden gem. Located within the expansive forests of The Resort at Paws Up, there are twelve private residences in this elite location. The Tree Haus, however, is the show stopper with its clean, contemporary design.

Picture floor to ceiling windows, a trendy bedroom accessed by a spiral glass staircase, and all the contemporary conveniences including an eco-friendly kitchen, a whirlpool and a sizable bathroom furnished with the best amenities.

Guests can also engage in outdoor pursuits such as fly-fishing or horseback riding, or simply relax and bask in the tranquil beauty of the woodlands.

2. Primland Resort — Virginia

The Tree Houses, designed by famous French treehouse designers La Cabane Perchee, are perched high above the Dan River Gorge. Built just for two, each Tree House is constructed from aromatic cedar and features a large deck.

Dappled with sunlight dancing through the leaves during the day, the deck makes a spectacular stargazing platform at night. Access to these elevated retreats is via a wooden bridge.

3. Post Ranch Inn — California

At the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, those who have fantasized about slumbering amid nature can realize their dreams! Each room boasts a large bed featuring an organic mattress, alongside amenities such as a desk, a wood-burning fireplace and a window seat.

The rooms are designed for ultimate relaxation and connection with nature, offering a skylight above the bed for mesmerizing stargazing experiences, a private deck, a walk-in shower and heated floors. 

4. Treehouse Utopia — Texas

Adjacent to the serene Sabinal River in the heart of Texas Hill Country is Treehouse Utopia, a quaint retreat featuring four distinctive tree houses surrounded by old bald cypress trees.

All of the accommodations include everything you could possibly need, including a comfortable bedroom, a calming living area, a full bathroom and magnificent outdoor terraces.

Indulge in a little nostalgia in the Chapelle, which features a vintage tub and stained glass, or sprawl out in the two-story Chateau, which combines expansive outdoor living with the gorgeous forest scenery.

5. Treeful Treehouse — Japan

The Treeful Treehouse in Okinawa is the realization of Satoru Kikugawa’s childhood aspiration, transforming a simple dream into a tangible eco-friendly retreat. This unique resort boasts four treehouses, each constructed with minimal environmental impact in mind.

Sustainability extends into every aspect of the resort, from composting toilets to the use of well water sterilized with ultraviolet light, sidestepping harmful chlorine.

In keeping with the resort’s sustainable practices, the resident goat is responsible for the natural landscaping, helping to maintain the grass around the property. 

6. Treehotel — Sweden

Treehotel is celebrated for its innovative creativity, intertwining contemporary design with eco-friendly principles. Let your imagination run wild while ogling the wonders of the serene Swedish woodlands from your one-of-a-kind, secluded accommodation.

Each treehouse offers a distinct experience. There’s the Bird’s Nest, hidden within the foliage; the expansive Dragonfly, offering sweeping views of the forest; the enchanting UFO, seemingly floating among the branches; and the Biosphere, complete with a rooftop terrace high up in the treetops.

7. Arctic TreeHouse Hotel — Finland

Discover the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel, tucked away amid the pine trees just beyond the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland. This award-winning boutique hotel features nest-like coziness with panoramic windows that allow you to gaze at the breathtaking sky from your bed.

There’s nothing more magical than admiring the Northern Lights or the Midnight Sun. And with well-appointed furnishings, heated flooring, Wi-Fi and a minibar, you’ll have all the conveniences of home. Enjoy meals prepared with local ingredients and end the night lounging by a roaring fire.

8. Living Room Treehouse Experience — Wales

Just eight miles from Machynlleth, at the edge of Snowdonia National Park, you’ll find a serene retreat where six tree houses are tucked away in a beautiful forest valley.

These charming cottages, which include wooden stoves, flickering candles, double beds and eco-friendly bathrooms, blend in seamlessly with the landscape.

This back-to-basics retreat offers the opportunity to see local wildlife and take in the serene beauty of the surroundings. The Living Room Treehouse Experience is deal for those who wish to unwind and re-establish a connection with nature.

9. Bambu Indah, Indonesia

Bambu Indah is a beautifully balanced blend of traditional craftsmanship and eco-consciousness, nestled in the lush jungle of Ubud, Bali. This bamboo wonderland comprises six stunning houses overlooking natural spring-fed pools down by the Ayung River and four on a clifftop.

The breathtaking Treehouse is  as close to nature as it gets with its sensuous curves sweeping through two large pods cocooning luxurious beds draped in muslin mosquito nets, a dressing room and into a sleek shower space.

Savor the on-site cuisine, relax with spa services and swim in the natural pools for a genuinely immersive, environmentally responsible vacation.

Leafy Luxury

Each of these unique tree house hotels offers more than just a place to stay. They provide a portal to a different world, where the bustle of everyday life fades into the background and nature takes center stage. 

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a solitary retreat into the wilderness, these destinations promise an unforgettable experience. 

So why wait? Climb into the trees for your next travel adventure — a world of serene beauty, thrilling discovery and peaceful solitude awaits.

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