How to Practice Self-Care While Traveling

Last updated December 21, 2023

With work stress skyrocketing, juggling a packed calendar and an ever-growing inbox, self-care is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves to relax, find moments of calm and regain energies for future ventures. But how to practice self-care along the way?

Vacation days are now so few and far between, it’s becoming more and more important to make the most of your days off which is why combining self-care with travel really seems like one of the best ways to use your vacation days. 

Practicing self-care while traveling has a range of benefits from regaining your calm and de-stressing to having a richer travel experience. 

Don’t short-change yourself when it comes to days off, make sure to practice as much self-care as you can while traveling. Here are some easy ways:

Plan Your Self-Care In Advance

Much like you’d plan self-care into your regular routine, opt to do the same for when you travel. Having your self-care planned and written down can be inspiring and it makes you commit to it. 

When planning your travel self-care, much like your destination, look for relaxing places for quiet time in your accommodation, spas, pools and fitness centers. 

You might also want to research local yoga classes and other fun activities that promote wellness in the area and make time for them during your stay. 

Scheduling Some Time For Yourself

Just like at home, you’re going to need to make some time for self-care while traveling. Whether that’s 30 minutes in the morning or an hour in the evening, traveling, just like life is full of distractions and experiences that compete for our attention. 

By making time for self-care you’re prioritizing it, which is the first step to success. Having that space and time will permit you to fill it with the self-care practices that carry the most benefits to you. 

Travel with Some Self-Care Basics

Traveling with a few small, self-care items can be a great way to both remind you of your self-care routine and encourage you to take the time for it. 

While traveling with bulky exercise equipment might not be ideal, think about some small items you could take with you on your next trip. 

A small journal, incense, candles, a yoga mat, essential oils or bath salts are just a few examples of perfectly small items you can easily fit in your luggage that will encourage you to take the time for self-care. 

Find Moments Of Calm And Reflection

Do you really want to be that person who needs a vacation from your vacation? When you focus on how to practice self-care, make sure to take some time for yourself during your trip and prioritize finding moments of calm, even during a frantic day. 

Travel can get busy and stressful but, by finding a few moments every day for yourself and for moments of peace you can come home feeling grounded and refreshed. 

Go for Accommodation with a Kitchen

If self-care for you means cooking your own food and having your own space to create and prepare healthy meals then make sure to always go for accommodation with a kitchen when traveling. 

Going out to eat and experiencing the local food culture is wonderful, but if you’re traveling for a longer period of time, it can get tiresome and expensive. 

Being able to prepare your own meals according to your nutritional needs is a self-care ritual in itself when traveling. 

How to Practice Self-Care: Make Your Trip About You

Instead of trying to find self-care while traveling, why not make self-care the aim of your trip? 

Wellness travel is one of the fastest-growing industries in the travel sector as more and more people worldwide realize the importance of self-care and wellness, seeking out alternative vacations that benefit the mind and body. 

Why not try a yoga or meditation retreat or a spa vacation for your next getaway and really make your trip about celebrating yourself. 

Let Go of Expectations

Setting unrealistic expectations for a trip will undoubtedly lead to disappointment. The best attitude you can have when traveling is an open one.

Being able to just go with the flow can bring up some surprising opportunities and experiences you weren’t expecting. Next time instead of getting angry when it’s raining on a planned beach day, try to seek out alternative activities and possibilities such as surfing or indoor yoga sessions. 

The fewer expectations you have the less possibility there is for disappointment and negative energy. 

How to Practice Self-Care? Put Down Your Phone

While you might feel the pull toward Instagramming your every beachside coconut, putting down your phone for a few hours or even days can do wonders for your self-care. 

You’re traveling to a beautiful, unknown place! What’s the worst that will happen if you put down your phone for a few hours and really become present and aware of what’s around you? 

Allow yourself to fully inhale and take in your surroundings, to enjoy them- the phone and all your socials can wait until you get home, or at least until evening. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Do Nothing

Giving yourself time, even if it’s time for nothing is the ultimate self-care gift. In today’s world it may often feel that if you aren’t doing something you’re losing time but sometimes doing nothing is all you need to reconnect with yourself. 

Even though it might be hard doing nothing, remember to give yourself permission to recharge your batteries too, so go for it, lounge in the lap of luxury and do nothing for a few hours. 

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