Immersive Luxury at Sparkling Hill Resort & Spa

Last updated October 16, 2023

Wellness destinations are appearing in new areas, and the array of health activities and offerings are growing.

For travelers, this is opening up new opportunities to explore. In many instances, these experiences occur in some of the most luxurious and indulgent places.

With this in mind, this review examines Sparkling Hill Resort & Spa located in Vernon, British Columbia.

Overview of Sparkling Hill Resort & Spa

Located in British Columbia, Sparkling Hill Resort overlooks the beautiful Lake Okahagan. Immersed in the fresh mountain air, this destination truly lives up to its name.

Owned by the Swarovski family, the resort has roughly 3.5 million Swarovski crystals adorning the complex. The family’s choice for their wellness destination resort was based on three criteria.

These include a locale with an active community, aesthetic regions with milder climates, and farm-to-table cuisines. 

KurSpa at Sparkling Hill Resort

Without question, Sparkling Hill Resort is well known for being a spa wellness retreat. KurSpa offers a variety of experiences including hot saunas, cold saunas, several couple massages and over 100 different spa treatments.

It also has the only cold cryochamber in North America, used for arthritic, vascular, and depression conditions. And it boasts a Kneipp walkway, which involves walking with legs submerged in water that is resting above hot coals.

As you can appreciate, this wellness destination attracts not only wellness travelers but top-level athletes as well.

A Comprehensive Wellness Destination

While Sparkling Hill Resort’s spa and unique amenities attract many, the wellness destination has much more to offer as well. For example, in winter months, exquisite snow skiing and heli-skiing are available activities.

Likewise, there are over 50 kilometers of bike trails and 25 kilometers of walking paths. And the resort only utilizes fresh, organic, farm-to-table ingredients for its restaurants and resort menus. Lastly, the resort provides each guest with personalized experiences.

Health professionals evaluate and discuss each person’s goals before designing an individualized plan. These features combined with its incredible spa services certainly makes this a truly indulgent wellness experience.

Our Takeaway: A Big Thumb’s Up

From a math perspective alone, Sparkling Hill Resort deserves recognition. The wellness destination has seven different steam and saunas, four experiential showers and an indoor hot-tub that holds 30 people.

Likewise, it has a heated outdoor infinity pool overlooking the lake and an indoor saltwater pool that plays music underwater.

With nearly 50 spa treatment rooms, KurSpa can accommodate a tremendous number of requests. From top to bottom, Sparkling Hill Resort & Spa offers comprehensive wellness services certain to please the most discriminating traveler. Without question, this wellness destination has set the bar quite high. 

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