Top 6 Girls’ Getaway Hacks That Won’t Leave You Haggard

Last updated July 13, 2021

Girls’ getaway weekends are infamous for late-night dancing in bars, dehydrated pool days and hangovers, Amiright?

While there’s nothing better for the soul than lyrical dancing with your besties on vacay, the hangover and other negative side effects could be left out. 

So, how do you maintain all the fun of a girls’ trip without the bender side effects? 

Here are six of the best ways to ensure you’re rejuvenated without sparing any fun. 

1. Ditch the alarm clocks.

Don’t over-schedule in general, but especially your mornings. Even if it’s for a spa treatment – push it back a while. 

Let your body get the sleep it needs (and keep the room as dark as possible), and let yourself wake up naturally. 

2. Don’t toss in the towel when it comes to snacks and mealtime.

Include healthy fats like avocados, nuts, coconut and almonds. 

Fresh produce is a great pool-side snack that will help keep you hydrated and combat unhealthy foods with its antioxidants. 

Even tiny swaps like these will help you feel refueled during and after your girls’ getaway, rather than outta gas. 

3. Swap traditional wine.

For a biodynamic version (my favorite is a Sangiovese from Beckmen Vineyards).

It turns out the harmful toxins from traditional grapes leave you with purple teeth and a headache or hangover, so make the change to a more responsibly sourced option. I would have never believed this had I not made the switch myself. 

Biodynamic wines = no purple teeth or hangovers. 

3.5 Speaking of drinking…

Space your last drink out two hours (or more) from bedtime. This will ensure your sleep is restorative + not interrupted (bad dreams, night sweats, early rising and other alcohol-induced sleep issues). 

Again, keep the room dark to maximize your restorative sleep. 

4. Explore, walk, play, dance or any other fun ways to get moving.

Don’t stay idle for too many hours on your girls’ getaway (unless it’s spa time). This is why a vacation package is perfect during a girls’ getaway – there can be a good mix of relaxation and activity. (Vacayou has some brilliant package options!)

5. Shade yourself.

Of course, get all the vitamin D you can, but if you’re gonna sit pool-side all day long, be sure to shade yourself for the few hottest hours mid-day when the sun is most brutal on your skin. 

Early morning sunlight (before 10 am) is not only better for you but also helps keep your circadian rhythm balanced so you can fall asleep easier even if you’ve jumped time zones. 

6. Hydrate.

It could be snacking on veggies and fruit or just sticking to good ol’ fashioned water. 

Just be sure to get enough water to combat the sun, alcohol and activities during the day to take care of your body. You could even sneak water into your cocktails. 🙂 

These six simple hacks will leave you looking + feeling rejuvenated after your girls’ getaway weekend without compromising any of the fun. Bon, voyage!

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