How to Use Astrocartography to Plan Your Next Wellness Getaway

Last updated June 29, 2023

Have you ever wondered why certain places make you feel so alive, while others seem to drain your energy? 

We’re diving into the mystical world of astrocartography—a fascinating way to explore how the stars affect your life, based on location. But did you know, astrocartography can also help you plan your next wellness getaway?


Astrocartography, also known as locational astrology, is the cosmic brainchild of the late Jim Lewis, an American astrologer. It’s all about mapping your personal horoscope onto a geographical map, creating a unique blend of astrology and geography that helps you discover the perfect places to live, work or find love. 

Astrocartography can be likened to a celestial GPS, guiding you to the locations where the universe’s energy vibes best with your own.

How Astrocartography Works

Astrocartography is based on the idea that each planet in your birth chart has its own unique energy. This energy then manifests differently depending on where you are in the world. 

By projecting your birth chart onto a map, we can identify the “lines” of planetary influence running through different locations. Imagine you’re an energetic magnet, and your astrocartography map is a treasure map that shows you where to find the most powerful cosmic forces that align with your personal energy. Think cosmic scavenger hunt for the best places to visit!

X Marks the Spot! 

Your astrocartography map is full of lines, each representing a different planet’s influence. Here’s a brief rundown of what each planet brings to the table:

1. Sun: This line is all about radiance and self-expression.

2. Moon: Following the Moon line can lead you to emotional well-being, nurturing environments and strong connections with family and friends.

3. Mercury: Communication is key along the Mercury line. Expect mental stimulation, learning opportunities and lively conversations.

4. Venus: Ah, the planet of love! The Venus line is where you’ll find romance, beauty and harmony. It’s also a great place for building long-lasting friendships and enjoying the finer things in life.

5. Mars: Get ready to feel the heat! The Mars line is all about energy, action and determination. You’ll find yourself feeling more ambitious, adventurous and motivated in these locations.

6. Jupiter: The planet of luck and expansion brings opportunities for growth and abundance along the Jupiter line. Expect good fortune, personal growth and a whole lot of optimism. But be aware that Jupiter can also manifest itself in the form of an expanding waistline and overdoing it with spending and luxuries.

7. Saturn: The Saturn line is all about structure, discipline and commitment. It might be tough at times, but you’ll learn valuable life lessons and build a strong foundation for success.

8. Uranus: Get ready for some surprises along the Uranus line! This is where innovation, originality and sudden changes can be expected. It’s perfect for the free-spirited, adventurous soul.

9. Neptune: Dive into your creative and spiritual side along the Neptune line. You’ll find inspiration, intuition and a heightened connection to the mystical aspects of life.

10. Pluto: The Pluto line represents transformation and intensity. It’s where you’ll experience profound personal growth and uncover your hidden strengths.

How Your Birth Chart Can Guide You to Your Best Destinations

As someone who is fascinated with astrology, I have always wondered how one’s birth chart affects their life and where they travel. To shed light on this topic, I met with Shar Veda, an Ayurveda Health Coach and Karmic Astrology Counselor. Shar uses astrology to help people understand the basic themes and lessons of their life—the ones they keep repeating over and over (usually indicative of South Node Ketu).

She explains how a person’s chart changes when they travel as well as how one can use astrocartography to plan their next wellness getaway.

Q: Can you explain how a person’s astrology chart changes when they travel?

A: When you travel, time and space come with you, and so does your astrology chart. The layout of your chart never changes, but the wheel does spin. By this, I mean that the location changes your ascendant and moves the houses of your chart. Although planetary placements in houses stay the same.

For example, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where I was born, I am Capricorn rising. But when I travel to Hawaii, where I currently live, I am Scorpio rising, according to the science of astrocartography. This is also supported by my own experience.

Q: How can one calculate their new ascendant or rising sign when they travel?

A: To calculate what ascendant or rising sign you will be in the new location, you adjust your birth time to the new time zone accordingly, taking into account daylight savings, of course. Say you were born at noon on the East Coast. If you travel to California, you would have been born at 9 am.

You can get your ascendant or rising sign calculations by consulting a professional such as me, getting your own astrology software—for instance, Parashar’s Light—or consulting the free calculator and map at This free version, however, does not tell you what ascendant you will be when you travel. It only shows you the planetary lines.

Q: How can one use astrocartography to plan their next vacation?

A: Astrocartography can be used to identify places where one’s planetary energies are most supportive. For example, if you want to go somewhere that will be good for finding new love or starting new projects or gaining wealth or luxury, then you should look at your Venus sign as well as your Jupiter line.

If you want to go somewhere that will be good for communication and writing, you would look at where your Mercury line is. If you want to go where your emotions will be supported, then you should look at your Moon sign.

To find where your career will take off and you will make a big splash (in terms of ego), then look to your Sun line. If you want to learn willpower, look for your Saturn line. For new ideas or inventions, try your Uranus line. If you want to advance spiritually, learn magic tricks or have prophetic dreams, then that would be the Neptune line.

Of course, I’m talking about the basics of planetary lines and their energetic benefits. But there are many negative aspects of which you should be aware. will tell you some of these. It is important to know your chart or consult an astrologer so you do not make mistakes or get too serious with it.

Astrocartography in Action 

Q: What’s the most fun thing about astrocartography?

A: Trial and error. I love going to new locations after consulting the planetary map just to see if it’s accurate. I went to my Jupiter and Mercury lines to finish the last scene of my book. My Jupiter Mercury lines were in Vancouver, British Columbia, and I did come up with a wonderful final scene. When I went to Laos, Thailand and Vietnam, I was close to my Venus lines, and there I met a karmic romance. He was not the love of my life, but the experience was wonderful.

Q: Can you cite examples of travel destinations based on one’s sun, moon or rising sign?

A: Sure! I’ll break this down by the quarter of the zodiac. I do want to point out that these are just generalizations. It is best to consult an astrologer for a personalized astrocartography reading.

First Quarter of the Zodiac

  • Aries Sun, Moon or Rising sign: Choose an adventurous trip next, one where you can even travel solo if you like. Aries are independent sorts and enjoy going alone at times, unless they can lead others. An Aries sign might enjoy a mountain biking trip through Zion National Park in Utah.
  • Taurus Sun, Moon or Rising sign: Taurus will choose a vacation where they can be pampered and relaxed and eat the best food and wine available. Taurus might want to look at Spain and stay at a beautiful resort complete with spa treatments, facials and room service. 
  • Gemini Sun, Moon or Rising sign: Gemini should look to a city where they can do a lot of short distance traveling quickly on foot, by car or public transportation. Geminis are generally history buffs, so perhaps they should book a trip to New York City. Here they can visit the many museums and learn fascinating things that they never knew. This will stimulate their logical minds and they will be able to exercise doing their short distance travels, which they love.

Second Quarter of the Zodiac

  • Cancer Sun, Moon or Rising sign: Cancer love to feel at home, so they can be nice and comfortable. As a water sign, renting a cottage by the ocean where they can cook for themselves or be taken care of by others will be right up their alley. A nice bed and breakfast in the Irish countryside in the spring, perhaps, is a perfect vacation.
  • Leo Sun, Moon or Rising sign: Leo love a flashy vacation full of excitement and being the center of attention. A Leo also appreciates castles, which is where they feel at home. I suggest Leo rent a sports car and take it to the south of Italy, stopping in villas while alternatively dining at beach towns where they will be treated like royalty themselves.
  • Virgo Sun, Moon or Rising sign: Virgo will want to do something healthy as they are the sign of the health and daily work habits house. Virgo love a complete health vacation somewhere very clean such as New Zealand where they can focus on improving their health in a beautiful natural landscape.

Third Quarter of the Zodiac

  • Libra Sun, Moon or Rising sign: Libra prefers harmony and beautiful experiences on holiday. If Libras haven’t been to Paris, I think that they’re going to go this year. With more museums and cherished artwork per square foot, this city has not only art to offer but also aesthetically pleasing hotels, a delightful music scene and delicious restaurants.
  • Scorpio Sun, Moon or Rising sign: Scorpio is the most infamous sign of the zodiac. There’s so much depth to Scorpio, but what Scorpio really like is the mysteries of the world. They also like to dig and are interested in archaeology. I suggest Scorpios go to Egypt and visit the tombs of the kings and the pyramids and see as much of the archaeological dig treasures as possible. Scorpio is a water sign, which means they will have to visit the Nile.
  • Sagittarius Sun, Moon or Rising sign: Sagittarius are generally adventurous and enjoy cultural experiences. I suggest Sagittarius natives do a group backpacking tour trip across Thailand—full of jungle hikes and amazing beaches where they can dance in clubs at night with fellow adventurers.

Fourth Quarter of the Zodiac

  • Capricorn Sun, Moon or Rising sign: Capricorn is an earthy, practical sign that won’t want to spend too much money on a vacation unless it can be seen as an investment in their career. Downtime with family is also important. Capricorn might try a beach vacation in Costa Rica or Mexico and practice speaking Spanish so they can add the language to their skill set.
  • Aquarius Sun, Moon or Rising sign: Aquarius enjoy air travel and are the humanitarians and original free thinkers of the zodiac. Aquarius are usually environmentalist and appreciate clean air and pollution-free environments. Why not head to Hawaii, Aquarians? You will find some of the freshest air in the world. And you will never be bored with the island system as there are active volcanoes to hike as well as beautiful hot springs and some of the most beautiful beaches.
  • Pisces Sun, Moon or Rising sign: Pisces are dreamy and romantic. They love a beautiful watery landscape, preferably with a romantic partner, or perhaps they’ll go alone and create art while they’re there. I suggest Pisces check out Palawan, considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world for its crystal clear waters and relaxing adventures.

Science of Astrology Meets Geography 

Ready to try astrocartography for yourself? You don’t need a spaceship to explore your celestial map! There are plenty of online tools and professional astrologers who can help you uncover the secrets of your personal astrocartography chart.

Remember, while astrocartography can provide valuable insights and guidance, it’s not an exact science. Astrocartography is your cosmic compass, pointing you toward locations where you can potentially thrive. Always trust your intuition, though, and make decisions based on your unique circumstances. 

Even if you are not a believer in astrology, using these suggestions as a starting point for planning your next wellness getaway could lead to some exciting adventures and unforgettable experiences.

Are you ready to embark on your astrocartographical adventure? Let the stars be your guide! 

About Shar Veda

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Shar Veda is a holistic wellness advisor and intuitive healer who uses a combination of Ayurveda, Vedic astrology and intuitive energy reads to coach clients and help them re-connect with their higher selves. She is a graduate of California College of Ayurveda, Vedic Conservatory and American Institute of Vedic Studies. Shar works with clients of all ages and especially loves working with youth.

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