Wellness Vacations and Why You Should Take Them

Last updated September 25, 2021

Wellness travel continues to grow in popularity, and according to wellness tourism research, it’s the fastest-growing segment of the travel industry—growing at exponential speed over other forms of tourism. 

This is really not a surprise to us at Vacayou as many people have become more proactive around their health and living a healthy lifestyle. 

Access to knowledge (thank you internet and social media) has inspired us to create conscious decisions around diet, exercise and healthier daily habits. 

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The new luxury

The wellness sector has long been associated with clinics for health or indulgent spa travel. Fast forward to today and the wellness dimension has evolved to include self-care and transformation.

When people travel they want to incorporate a self-care practice, which is truly the “new luxury” experience. 

Muirgheal Montecalvo, CEO and founder of Vacayou

Truth be told, wellness means something different to everyone. And each person has their own definition.

But wellness-inspired travel is much more than replenishing body, mind and soul—it’s also about food, fitness, nature and lifestyle. 

So, what is a wellness vacation?

Let’s be real. When you think about your motivation behind travel, it’s often a means of escape to reflect on life. 

Wellness travel is no different. Just add a physical and emotional component with the express purpose of enhancing your personal well-being and engaging in a more healthy lifestyle with food, fitness or movement in the form of yoga or dance. 

We describe wellness travel as being powered by intention: planning a trip with a specific mindset to get away and recenter—whether it’s a biking trip for a week, a spa getaway or an extended visit to a weight loss retreat. 

wellness travel forest bathing

Perhaps it’s a form of connecting with nature like forest bathing with access to the great outdoors for peace and quiet. 

You may even want to change your life for the better. The conversation of late has shifted in the wake of the pandemic with many people searching for a mental health reset. 

  We describe wellness travel as being powered by intention. 

Imagine a yoga holiday in Sedona or a cycling tour of Italy or a week of guided hiking in British Columbia. You could visit a retreat in Costa Rica where you can learn to eat healthier, surf and practice yoga all in one location. 

There are also retreats that offer healing or spiritual therapies. How does a mother-daughter weekend at a spa resort or a soul-care retreat in Bali sound?

Whatever your version of a wellness vacation is, it should be fun and include activities that help you stay healthy plus create a sense of well-being and relaxation. 

Most of all, a wellness vacation should do wonders for your physical, mental and emotional health.

Path to health and wellness

There are plenty of reasons why you should take a wellness vacation:

  • You need a reset post-COVID lockdown
  • You realize the importance of living a healthier lifestyle and a desire to extend this into your travel experiences
  • You’ve reached the age demographic with time and money to spend on travel with goals of living a longer and healthier life
  • You are inspired by social media and want to embark on a transformative wellness journey of a lifetime 
  • Your workplace promotes a wellness lifestyle

Here at Vacayou, we are creating a space where you can find, search and book wonderful experiences, learn about the benefits of wellness travel and how wellness-focused travel can change your life as well as challenge your mindset.

Our mission is to help you return home from vacation more relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated—until, of course, the next time you need a reboot! 

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