Top 5 Wellness Trends for 2021

Last updated October 3, 2022

It’s no secret that wellness tourism is on the rise. Estimates now suggest that the healthy travel industry will soon approach $1 trillion annually in the coming years. In fact, surveys indicate roughly three-quarters of all travelers today prefer some type of healthy travel experience during their vacations.

Understanding this, some important wellness trends are emerging that are likely to persist into the coming year. For those seeking healthy travel, awareness of these latest wellness trends can help you decide which excursion is best for you. 

1. Back to Nature

Healthy travel today embraces a holistic model that acknowledges physical, emotional, as well as spiritual wellness. Therefore, it’s no surprise that one of the top wellness trends involves getting back to nature.

Natural environments invite greater self-exploration and appreciation of life. And nature offers countless opportunities for physical fitness activities.

Nature travel experiences are therefore likely to continue to be popular among those seeking healthy travel options. 

2. Disconnect and De-Stress

Another growing wellness trend involves disconnecting from technology. In a world of computers, smartphones, and information bombardment, travelers are seeking opportunities to detach.

Healthy travel that allows individuals to escape and immerse themselves in wellness experiences will remain increasingly popular as a result.

From ranch vacation experiences to meditative retreats, a variety of healthy travel options that promote tech-disconnect will likely advance. 

3. Off-the-Chair Holidays

Another healthy travel trend on the rise is the active holiday vacation. Rather than sitting around watching sports or at a bar, fitness activities are instead being pursued.

Cycling tours, hiking vacations, golf excursions, and many others are becoming increasingly popular for holiday travel. Another trending category is culinary courses or new cultural experiences.

Holiday vacations including these activities will continue to advance in 2020. 

4. Going Alone

Solo travel has been increasing for a while, and it will remain one of the main wellness trends in the coming years.

Solo travel allows individuals to explore their spiritual health while also engaging in other types of wellness. From meditation retreats to indulgent spas, healthy travel done solo will remain popular among wellness travelers.

And in fact, new wellness offerings are likely to expand in this specific area. 

5. Environmental Consciousness

Awareness of the need for environmental sustainability is advancing in every sector, and the same is true for healthy travel.

Ecotourism will be a rising star among wellness trends as a result. This not only pertains to specific destinations like Costa Rica.

But it also involves choosing resorts, transportation, and other travel vendors who take ecology and sustainability seriously. 

Experiential & Holistic Healthy Travel

The 5 major wellness trends cited portray the focus of today’s healthy traveler. These types of wellness excursions will increase in popularity even as new trends emerge. But the overall theme of these trends reflects an important shift in vacation travel.

Individuals wish to maintain their health and even advance it when on a trip and they prefer wellness experiences and holistic health opportunities over traditional travel amenities. Though wellness trends will continue to evolve, this will remain the underlying theme of healthy travel.

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