Stay Adventurous: Adopt an Adventure Travel Mindset

Last updated October 1, 2021

We all know that travel planning and preparation help make for a better trip. Yet, planning is not just creating a successful travel itinerary or making lists of what to pack. We also need to establish an adventurous mindset to enhance our travel experiences.

To help you achieve said adventurous state, we are listing six ways to unlock an adventure travel mindset—which will no doubt lead to an incredible next vacation.

Push boundaries

CMH Bugaboos heli-hiking

We often categorize adventure travel or an adventurous mindset with adrenaline travel. You know, envisioning ourselves jumping out of airplanes, heli-hiking to mountain peaks or free diving to new depths. 

All fantastic adventures, but it’s important to realize that pushing boundaries is different for everyone.

Each traveler must identify their own boundary to push. No two people are the same. Define what is adventurous to you—and even too adventurous for right now—and plan to take on at least one activity. For starters, consider eating local cuisine you never tried such as tacos made with chapulines (Mexican crickets) or maybe even just spend a week disconnected all things digital on a retreat.

Define a boundary and then push it.

Be ready to learn and grow

Adopt adventure travel mindset

If travel can teach us anything, it’s simply that we don’t know everything. Of course, we can critique places on how they can improve, but instead, we may want to understand how we can improve ourselves through a travel experience.

What can we learn? What can each destination or experience offer us? Ideas such as visiting capital cities, identifying specific entry destinations to new exotic lands and don’t let reputations steer your adventures are just a few lessons I’ve embraced.

Remember we can always learn from travel. 

Keep a positive attitude

Senior couple happy on vacation

Attitude is a major part of anything you do, if not the most important part. This is why it’s important to expect and plan for fun and keep a positive, adventurous attitude.

Not every trip is that once in a lifetime bucket list holiday, but know every place holds charm. Maybe the next trip is not the dream vacation you have planned for years—no matter—the trip can provide a great time to refuel and refresh and be exactly what you need.

Yes, every trip can become a great trip with the right attitude. 

Transform through travel

Fivelements Bali spiritual healing

Travel remains a major gateway to life change. Everything can change after an amazing trip. This becomes obvious when we really don’t want to return to the normal grind.  

We all have a passion and a purpose deep inside and we often (re)discover it on an adventure when we set ourselves free and listen. Upon receiving information, it is up to us to document our thoughts and dreams mentally (or use a travel journal) and continue to embrace what we discover.

Any spiritual wellness journey can create a new path.  

Use all your senses

Miraval Arizona meditation

Another way to become truly present and enact an adventurous mindset is to use all senses. Extreme activities can “force” us to be completely present with such a need to focus, but you don’t need to go extreme to activate all your senses.

One can get centered through a meditation retreat or just a simple focus on the joys of a desert morning in Joshua Tree National Park.

We often travel to see places. However, travel goes well beyond just what we see. What is a trip to Italy without a taste of its cuisine, what is a rafting trip to down the rivers of Alaska without feeling the temperature of the water or the cool crisp breeze and what is a trip to visit the cemeteries of Oaxaca, Mexico, during Day of the Dead without the smell of the incense burning?

Let’s awaken the senses on the next adventure.

Slow down

SUV travel experience Bolivia

We often view adventure as fast-paced activities. With an adventurous mindset, we also know the need to slow down. The need to take our time to appreciate a museum exhibit, to absorb the energy of a sacred site or to share a traditional meal with a local.

The goal is never to travel to the top 10 checklist attractions but to dive deeper and learn to fully appreciate the experience itself.

A slower pace can also lead to taking a longer holiday. Long weekends serve a purpose of escape and perhaps a chance to relax and recharge. If you can, plan for at least a week, preferably more than two, for one holiday annually.

Let an adventurous mindset guide your next wellness adventure and let us know how it worked out? I know you will love it.

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