Reasons to Book Experiential Travel After Retirement

Last updated March 15, 2021

Experiential excursions are not limited to those under 65 years of age. Travel opportunities involving the older adult population are numerous and continuing to expand each year.

It’s therefore not surprising that wellness and experiential travel after retirement is a major industry focus. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the number of Americans over age 65 years will double within 25 years.

In part, this is because of improved wellness practices that have advanced human longevity. Therefore, travel after retirement that accommodates experiential and wellness activities can be life changing—a desire that is naturally attractive to millions who may be going through a transitional stage in their life.

From a global perspective, wellness for older adults is highly desirable as healthcare costs rise. Thus, exploring the various travel options encompassing holistic health is a worthwhile effort. 

Experiential Travel after Retirement from a Holistic Health Perspective

Just as wellness escapes have adopted a holistic health point of view, travel after retirement has as well. And wellness is not limited to simply physical health. In fact, social, spiritual, and cognitive health are increasingly important as we age.

People that embrace this perspective appreciate the health benefits such escapes provide. The following highlights four life-changing reasons you should book experiential travel after retirement.

Social Stimulation

Social stimulation is a very important part of wellness for the older population. As we age, social isolation and loss of social contact often occurs. However, travel after retirement that offer group interactions and the opportunity to socialize with others is very beneficial.

Social stimulation has been proven to improve quality of life with aging as well as longevity. As a result, taking a guided tour in Tuscany or a group excursion to a new country can definitely promote better wellbeing. 

Cognitive Engagement

Mental stimulation has been shown to improve memory and attention as we age. We thrive when opportunities exist to engage the mind. Travel after retirement that offer educational experiences or exposure to new cultures meet such needs.

Such experiences may include self-guided museum tours or cultural immersions to learn a new language. 

Spiritual Exploration

In terms of wellness, spiritual retreats and travel can enhance one’s meaning of life. Through excursions that invite a person to become one with nature or meditation retreats, for example, spiritual health improves.

Because of this, travel after retirement that invites spiritual exploration is highly attractive. And a number of spiritual retreats are now offered today in some of the most exotic locales. 

Physical Wellness Travel

Naturally, physical health is also important in the pursuit of wellness as we age. Travel after retirement that offer such experiences include yoga, spa, as well as more active travel offerings.

From hiking in Sedona to cycling vacations abroad, a variety of wellness travel opportunities invite older adults to participate. For some, it’s a means to maintain their current health practices. For others, it’s a way to jumpstart themselves into a new way of life. 

Wellness Travel—A Prescription for Older Adult Wellbeing

According to surveys, more than eight out of ten older adults who participate in wellness travel admit to health advantages. In addition to helping them feel physically healthier, it also enhances their mood and mental outlook.

Because wellness travel has adopted a more holistic view, wellbeing is being realized in a comprehensive way. Indeed, wellness travel for adults offers many health advantages to all travelers. Thus, it’s no surprise that these same benefits are being realized by older adults as well.

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