Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge Offers Eco-Friendly Travel on the Wild Side

Within wellness tourism today, both adventure travel and eco-friendly travel have become increasingly popular. 

Travelers want to explore new and exciting areas, but at the same time, invest in their holistic health. If that is your situation, then you definitely want to consider accommodation at Alaska Wildland Adventures’ Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge. 

Not only does Kenai Fjords Lodge provide guests with the exclusive opportunity to explore Pedersen Glacier wildlife sanctuary. But it also offers the perfect escape to rejuvenate and relax. 

For those seeking a unique Alaska vacation, it has a tremendous amount to offer. 

Getting There is Half the Excitement

Kenia Fjords Glacier Lodge is nestled deep with Alaska’s Kenai Fjords National Park. Located on a peninsula in front of a small lagoon, the lodge is only accessible by water and air. 

As a result, you get to enjoy an incredible boat tour traversing gorgeous Alaskan waters both to and from your destination. During this journey, it is likely that you will see all types of incredible wildlife. 

Whales, sea lions, otters, and dozens of unique species of birds frequent these waters and offer amazing opportunities for sightseeing. 

Whether coming or going, you will appreciate the wonders that this Alaska vacation can offer. 

The Magic of Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge

Amidst the Kenai Mountains, the lodge is an unexpected sight within the 700,000 acres of the national park. In fact, it is the only resort destination within the area making it a truly unique Alaska vacation. 

And secondly, its image is immediately enchanting. Combining both rustic and modern features, the Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge provides luxurious comfort to its guests. At the same time, it also creates an adventurous spirit. 

Explore the numerous trails and waters or simply relax on the porch. In either case, you will appreciate why many seek out this remote wellness destination. 

A Natural Approach to Holistic Health

From a wellness perspective, Kenia Fjords Glacier Lodge is an eco-friendly excursion that approaches health naturally and holistically. 

A number of fitness activities allow you to appreciate the beauty that an Alaska vacation has to offer. Kayaking, canoeing, and hiking are all available through small guided tours. 

Likewise, the natural settings offer an ideal place for meditation or yoga experiences. And of course, forest bathing is an inherent opportunity if you enjoy this wellness activity. 

From this perspective, you can appreciate how Kenia Fjords is a great environment to promote physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. 

A Wilderness Lodge with Comfort in Mind

While the Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge has much to offer in natural beauty, it was designed for comfort as well. In addition to its luxurious cabins, Kenai Fjords also has a woodfire sauna to help guests relax. 

Likewise, it also offers fine dining at its best along with a local microbrewery for your personal enjoyment. From this perspective, it is clear that this Alaska vacation is one that respects nature, comfort and health.  

And at the same time, it invites you to partake in a number of intriguing adventures. If this sounds appealing, then perhaps your next vacation might be to Kenai Fjords with Alaska Wildland Adventures.

It will certainly be a wellness escape you won’t soon forget.

Images courtesy Alaska Wildland Adventures.

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