Flight Must-Haves From Frequent Travelers

Last updated April 30, 2021

Depending on who you ask, flying is something to endure or something to enjoy, but it remains the fastest way to reach destinations far and wide—perhaps your next wellness or active vacation.

No matter how you feel about air travel, some creature comforts never hurt! We polled the frequently plane-bound team here at Vacayou for their must-have carry-on items.

My flight must-haves: My Hydromate Water Bottle, Kindle for reading—especially when no wifi below 10K ft—and IQ Bars (satiating but no sugar so no crash).

Ryan Schneider, President

Never travel without noise-canceling headphones. Looking to sleep, study, listen to music, or just relax on a plane? Noise-canceling headphones are your best option! It’ll reduce the buzzing/“wooshing” sound you hear on planes and alter your focus in the best way possible!

Anna Pham, Intern
airfare snacks

Flying is my happy place – I read books I’ve been eager to get to, meditate and definitely snack. I love airfare for its simplicity—healthy, travel-ready snacks in a convenient, reusable pouch. 100% plant-based, whole food, high in protein and fiber. I can snack the flight away and still feel fantastic after I land. 

Kristina Smith, Editorial Director

I always travel with my gold Celtic cross.

Muirgheal Montecalvo, Founder and CEO
rope sling bag

My go-to carry-on travel Kavu Rope Sling bag. It is not too large and can hold key travel essentials (passport, wallet, some makeup, snacks, cell phone, keys and other travel docs). I also find it very easy to carry while commuting through the airport. I carry it in place of a handbag. It comes in lots of cool fun patterns too!

Marilyn Bergh, Partner Success Manager 

Of all of my travel must-haves, this is the one I truly could not fly without – Sea-Band Anti-Nausea Acupressure Wristbands. (This, PLUS Dramamine!)

Lauren DeFazio, Travel Writer

I always travel with a yoga mat and my yoga+meditation apps.

Shelly Nyqvist, Travel Coach and Writer
manat sleep mask

I always travel with military-grade sleep blinders, lavender spray and Palo Santo wood.

David Edwards, VP of Business Development
snack pickles

Speaking of snacks, I always travel with pickles… they even sell them in the airport now, but I prefer rick’s pick’s.

Christina Gace, Head of Customer Success
calm mist

I always travel with my Essence of Vali Calm Relax Mist. It’s lovely to spray on to combat the dryness of the onboard air, it smells amazing and it really helps me feel calmed and centered as I’m sometimes a nervous flyer (yes, even though I travel all the time!).

Sallie Fraenkel, President at Mind Body Spirit Network
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