Not Your Typical Hotel Minibar — Equinox Hotels Take Wellness to the Next Level

Last updated March 30, 2021

It’s not a secret that wellness travel is a hot trend today, from wellness retreats to everyday trips. As a result, some hotels, like Equinox, are taking wellness much more seriously.

In fact, Equinox amenities now include a hotel minibar that is far from traditional. Packed with wellness snacks, beverages and products, Equinox’s RoomBar has much to offer the wellness traveler.

Catering to Today’s Wellness Traveler

By definition, wellness travelers today are defined as being either primary or secondary wellness travelers.

Primary wellness travelers seek destinations for the sole purpose of improving their health. In contrast, a secondary wellness traveler wants to include wellness activities as part of their routine when on a trip.

Interestingly, this latter group makes of nearly 90 percent of wellness travelers today. And with this segment of the tourism sector expanding, Equinox recognizes the importance of meeting these clients’ needs.

The Equinox amenities included in their new hotel minibars highlights that this is a priority for the hotel. And it suggests that the old hotel minibars of old may soon be a thing of the past. 

Equinox Minibar Snacks

The hotel minibar in Equinox hotels does not contain the traditional array of candy bars and treats. Instead, only health-focused snacks are available, including things like kelp jerky and gluten-free granola.

Other wellness treats include crispy almond butter Brussel sprouts and peanut butter quinoa bites. And energy packets of pineapple, jackfruit, coconut, and Goji berries complete the list.

These items, along with other organic and vegan-friendly offerings, are now routinely available in Equinox’s hotel minibars. By offering such snacks it’s evident they appreciate the value their guests place on wellness.

Wellness Beverages

In addition to healthy snacks and treats, other Equinox amenities included in their hotel minibar are wellness drinks. For example, coconut water as well as revitalizing tonics are among the healthy beverage selection.

Other drinks include kombucha tea, cold brew organic coffee, as well as adaptogen-infused juices. Also, vegan probiotics are available for those wishing to enhance their digestive wellness.

From tonics to herbal teas, the hotel minibar at Equinox is designed to refresh and rejuvenate. For the traveler, these types of Equinox amenities offer a notable advantage and enhance any travel experience. 

Healthy Offerings & Products

It might not be surprising to find healthy snacks and beverages in a hotel minibar these days. But RoomBar also has a number of Equinox amenities that go beyond such routine wellness offerings.

For example, one can get a mat or blocks for a yoga retreat from Equinox’s hotel minibar.

Likewise, massage balls, mini foam rollers, and resistance bands are also included in the RoomBar. And a variety of workout apparel items are available as part of the Equinox amenities included in their hotel minibar.

Even a sleep kit—with refreshing sprays and superfood to help with jet lag—is for sale. Without question, the RoomBar offers a wide range of wellness items for your well-being.

Images courtesy Equinox Hotel New York City Hudson Yards

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