Busy Schedule? Timeless Capsule Offers Unique, Private Space for Spa Bliss

Last updated March 11, 2022

Bliss. That’s what I felt as my therapist rubbed my feet while the mask portion of my 40-minute facial rejuvenated my winter skin. Welcome to the Timeless Capsule experience offered by The Ritz-Carlton Spa, South Beach in Florida.

After a winter of rain and a brush with COVID-19, I was ready for a bit of fun in the sun. So, I booked myself a Club Level room at The Ritz Carlton-South Beach, where I primarily planned to spend my days at the beach—and indulge in a spa treatment.

(BTW, I highly recommend booking a Club Level room, as your lounge access includes complimentary breakfast, lunch, appetizers before dinner, and beer and wine, among other perks. I also like that the lounge provides an alternative option when you don’t want to be around many people.)

From the moment I saw the Timeless Capsule treatments on the spa menu, I was intrigued. The spa has designed an experience where guests who are pressed for time and want a private experience can receive their treatments in a unique elliptical room.

And BTW, this is the only Ritz-Carlton location in the United States that currently offers the Timeless Capsule.

Another advantage to this option is that teenagers are able to receive Timeless Capsule treatments as long as they are joined by an adult. (Otherwise, spa guests are required to be 18 and older). So, it provides parents with an option to spend time with their teens.

In the Timeless Capsule, a variety of massage and facial treatments are offered in intervals of 40 minutes or less. I opted for the facial I mentioned earlier with a 12-minute foot massage added on. It sounded like the best of both worlds!

As I was escorted into the treatment room, I was offered a Pure Green juice shot to begin my experience. (There are a few to choose from, but I highly recommend the Tumeric Tonic because of the carrot, pineapple, and ginger flavors.)

Then, I was given a brief tour of the room, which offers a side for facials and a side for body massage that houses an extraordinary Fusion Massage Chair, which uses light and sound therapy components to relax your body and mind.

There was no need to change out of my leggings and tank top. I just settled into the cozy facial chair with a blanket, and my treatment began. My therapist applied a variety of ESPA cleansers, lotions, and masks over the 40 minutes and then, as mentioned, incorporated the foot massage toward the end.

To me, the quality of the facial was as stellar as it would have been if I’d received the traditional treatment option. But it was more to the point. So, time wasn’t spent doing things like neck and shoulder massage or extractions. And I’m OK with that, given this option is a fraction of the cost of the traditional facial treatments.

I have to admit that during the pandemic, I was thankful for a spa option that provided this level of privacy—especially at a time when you can’t use many amenities like saunas and steam rooms anyway. 

But, even post-COVID, I hope that more properties will embrace this innovative option for getting quality immunity-boosting spa services quickly. It just seems like a timeless idea.

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