Cycling Tours for 2021

Last updated October 3, 2022

Bicycling tours are not new when it comes to travel and tourism. But with the significant increase in wellness travel, it’s understandable that biking adventures have become more popular.

From wine tours to treks across exotic landscapes, bicycle tours attract thousands of wellness travelers throughout the year.

Despite the demands that these tours may place on one physically, biking adventures are available for every skill level. In fact, bicycling tours come in all types, and therefore, it is important to find the one best for you. 

Different Bicycle Tours, Different Biking Adventures

Today, wellness travel offers an array of tours that are certain to please the most discerning traveler. Biking adventures offer excursions for solo wellness travel, but often involve larger groups.

Likewise, bicycle tours may be selected that are self-guided in nature with a great deal of flexibility. Or they may be well-organized and follow a more predictable schedule.

And for multi-day biking adventures, accommodations may also vary greatly. This can involve spending the night in a tent under the stars or in a 5-star luxury hotel.

Things to Know Before You Go

Besides the variety in the actual types of bicycle tours, a number of other variables are important. Certainly, the costs associated with the biking adventure and included amenities are essential aspects that should be investigated.

Likewise, the level of intensity and difficulty of your cycling travel needs to be considered. Some bicycling tours are more challenging in terrain and duration that others. Finally, other special aspects of the tour should be explored as well.

One may ask about the availability of E-bikes in some cases, and questions concerning the climate is always a good idea. These additional inquiries can help you make a better decision about which tours best meet your needs.

Wellness Advantages of Biking Adventures

One of the reasons that bicycle tours are popular for all ages is because of the number of health benefits it provides. For example, biking adventures are much easier on the joints when compared to activities like running.

For those with joint pains and arthritis, bicycling tours are more attractive. In addition, one can cover much greater distance over time, which expands the travel experience.

And biking adventures allow one to engage in natural surroundings while also enjoying a social experience. Based on these aspects, bicycling tours are a great way to pursue holistic health goals. 

Travel Near, Travel Far

The great news is that bicycling tours do not have to be to some remote destination. In fact, a number of great biking adventures are usually available nearby offering the same wellness benefits. But if you choose to travel abroad, biking adventures provide a great way to see a new region.

From wine tours in Italy to bicycling tours in the Scottish Highlands, a number of options exist. And given the rising popularity of biking adventures in wellness travel today, these options will likely continue to increase. 

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