Top Tips for Exercising While Traveling

One of the challenges of traveling is trying to maintain an active fitness schedule when away from home. Exercise routines can quickly disappear when the inconveniences of travel and unfamiliar places are thrown into the mix.

But overcoming these challenges are not impossible. In fact, there are several ways you can enjoy fitness on-the-go simply by planning a few strategies in advance.

The following are some great travel tips to help you exercise when traveling. 

1. Pack Right and Light

One important strategy simply involves packing the right clothes, shoes and accessories so you can exercise when traveling. Without the right attire, you will be less likely to make the effort.

This is one reason why fitness on-the-go can be so difficult. Certainly, packing lightly is important, but the bare essentials can go a long way in supporting wellness activities. 

2. Check in and Then Check It Out

After you arrive at the airport and check in for your flight, you might want to see what accommodations the airport has. Some airports actually have yoga rooms and walking tracks.

And certainly, walking an airport can boost your Fitbit steps and calories!

3. Choose Your Accommodations Wisely

Not all hotels are the same. Some accommodations invest more heavily in wellness than others, which can make a significant difference. If you want to exercise when traveling, then hotels that offer a wide range of wellness activities should be explored.

For example, some have Peloton Bikes for use while others offer group fitness classes. These types of amenities make fitness on-the-go much easier. 

4. There’s an App for That

When traveling, time can be limited, and opportunities for fitness on-the-go may not fit into your schedule. In these circumstances, you might want to explore various fitness apps designed to help you exercise when traveling.

Guided meditation, yoga classes, and an array of fitness routines can be accessed on mobile devices. And best of all, these can be done any time of day or night. 

5. Take the Road Less Traveled

Part of the problem involving exercise when traveling is the amount of time one sits in one place.

From meetings, to airplanes, to car rides, we tend to sit in one spot much more when traveling. One way to promote greater fitness on-the-go is to choose the more active option when available. F

or example, work on your laptop while standing or take the stairs instead of the elevator. Even walking to a destination a few blocks away is better than taking a rideshare or public transit. 

Fitness On-the-Go Is Becoming a Trend

Wellness and its pursuit are quickly becoming a major trend throughout the world. Likewise, wellness travel is booming as a majority of travelers are expressing a desire to maintain their current fitness routines.

As a result, it is likely that more and more travel will actually morph into wellness travel. This will certainly make fitness on-the-go more readily achieved. And it will make exercise when traveling more of a norm rather than the exception.

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