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Canyon Ranch

Where Transformation Begins

There are places you go for a change of scenery, and then there are places you go where the scenery changes you. At Canyon Ranch, you're not just taking a vacation, you're giving your life new direction, deeper meaning & restored purpose. Whether you already have specific wellness intentions or your aim is to elevate your self-care overall, there's a wellness experience pathway for you.

With over 40 years of success, the experts will guide you through a deeply intentional, expertly composed and completely customizable program. Choose as much pampering, adventure and introspection as you desire and turn the page to a fresh chapter at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA, Tucson, AZ or Woodside, CA.

Canyon Ranch Tucson

Rediscover yourself and your passions in the dreamy desert scenery of Southern Arizona.

Canyon Ranch Lenox

Every trail leads to the best in you while in the nurturing, natural environment of the Berkshires.

Canyon Ranch Woodside

You're different here, surrounded by ancient trees, inspiring energy and the wonder of Northern California.

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